Costco is now selling giant Easter egg layer cakes

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If you’re a fan of scouring someone’s garden for hidden chocolatey ovals, Easter 2020 might be a bit of a disappointment. As we continue to deal with being stuck indoors while the weather becomes increasingly glorious, we’re having to find alternative forms of entertainment over the long weekend. Fortunately, at least one retailer has come up with a way to keep Easter eggs awesome.

New for this year, legendary giant food producer Costco has decided to give their seasonal treats a serious upgrade. Ideally, for anyone with an overactive sweet tooth, the store is now offering supersized “Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cakes” for Easter. If the photos are anything to go by, they are delicious in the eggs-treme.

Weighing in at around 2lbs, the multi-layered desserts have clearly been concocted as a proper crowd-pleaser. According to the official description on the packaging, each dessert features:

“Layers of dark chocolate cake filled with white chocolate mousse and milk chocolate mousse. The cake is enrobed in chocolate and finished with pastel stripes of white chocolate and pastel curls.”

Check out our recipe for an Easter Chocolate Swirl Cake Trifle:

The first photos of the new cake were captured by Instagrammer and Costco aficionado @costcoguy4u, who wrote of the dish:

“Junior’s Cheesecake Chocolate Easter Egg 32oz $15.79 This Bakery makes great quality stuff… Purchased the same cake on Valentines Day and it was delicious. Pick it up now! It won’t last till next week, TRUST ME!”

If the comments are anything to go by, the cake looks like it could cause a splash, with one potential customer gushing, “I hear this is so good!” and another adding, “They have it in Charlotte, NC. Just picked one up!”

Say what you like about the relative sophistication of the Costco pastry section, there’s little doubt that it delivers some delicious stuff.