Costco is now stocking giant 2-pound tiramisu cakes that are the size of a “human arm”

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

For food fans who resent having to do normal grocery shopping, Costco really is the greatest place on the planet. Name another store where you can purchase a 23-pound bucket of mac and cheese and $600 wagyu steaks at the same time. You can’t. However, even by Costco’s lofty standards of awesomeness, a discovery from revered Instagram account @Costcobuys may well help take their reputation to the next level. 

According to the savvy influencer, shoppers can now get their hands on an enormous 38-oz tiramisu bar cake. Layered with cream, coffee and sponge, as well a dusting of chocolate powder, the massive dessert is estimated to be about the length of a human arm by reporters at Delish, and by the looks of things, could be sturdy enough to construct a small house. Italian pudding fans – this is your lucky day. 

In a caption accompanying the original arresting photo, @Costcobuys revealed a little more about the giant dish. As they put it:

“Coffee, chocolate, and cake all in one? This Tiramasu Bar Cake is like a little slice of Italy right in Costco! ? This also happens to be one of my Costco bakery favorites! ? ($15.99)”

In this case, “little slice” may be a little tongue-in-cheek.

Check out our recipe for an epic Frozen Tiramisu Dome:

Understandably, news that there may be a giant tiramisu in a store near you could cause something of a coffee-inspired stampede. However, if you want to avoid the possible hordes of ravenous sweet-toothed shoppers, there is an alternative solution. The pudding is also available for home delivery via Instacart – meaning that you won’t even have to leave the house to indulge.