Costco is selling a self-assembly “street taco” set that comes ready to eat

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Tacos might be one of the tastiest things to ever grace the street, but anyone who’s ever tried to make them in the comfort of their own kitchen knows that they are far from straightforward. By the time you’ve finished roasting the meat, making the guac and chopping the veg, you’ve just lost several hours and given yourself a mountain of washing up. The end result might be delicious, but it’s definitely not faff free. 

Credit: Pixabay/hayme100

Thankfully, time poor tortilla fans can now get street-worthy tacos without ever leaving the sofa, all thanks to everyone’s favourite bulk-buying emporium. As recently revealed on the popular Instagram page “Costco Deals”, Costco customers can now get their hands on a ready made taco kit, complete with all the ingredients for a Mexican feast and without the hassle. Taco Tuesdays just got a whole lot easier.

The standard kit comes complete with 12 flour tortillas, as well as separate compartments for shredded grilled chicken, Mexican-blend cheddar cheese, fresh vegetables and lime slices. Each pack also provides one tomato salsa container and one cilantro lime crema container, meaning that Costco have even got condiments covered. Retailing for under $16 a pack, the Chicken Street Taco kit is certainly a cost efficient way to spice up your mealtimes. 

While the prospect of a ready to eat 12 taco set will certainly excite many Mexican food fans, other discerning Costco shoppers have spotted something even more enticing. In addition to the smaller kit, the supermarket is also selling giant 36 street taco kits, providing triple the amount of tortilla, filling and sauce. While the modestly-sized 12 piece will certainly satisfy a small group, the giant set of 36 is ideal for entertaining a crowd, meaning that, whatever your taco preferences, Costco has probably got you covered.