Couple advertise for “roadkill chef” to cater their wedding

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

People are, understandably, very particular about weddings. Given that it should be a once in a lifetime experience, it makes sense that couples want everything to be just so. Often, these quirks can come into conflict with guest expectations or rattle the accepted status quo, but given that the celebration should be all about the bride and groom, they usually get a pass. Every so often, however, a request comes in that makes everyone sit up and take notice. 

Credit: Pixabay/takmeomeo

This week, a job request appeared on the UK’s leading online local service marketplace asking for an experienced chef or caterer willing to prepare an entirely roadkill-based wedding banquet. The couple in question claim to have been eating roadkill themselves for three years, but stress that they don’t want their guests to know what they’re eating, instructing the would be chef to “dress it up” as much as possible. 

The advert, which appeared on, stated, “The environment is so important to us, and will continue to be as we settle down and start our family. Although money isn’t too much of an issue, weddings are resource heavy and result in so much waste that we don’t want to have any part in that.”

The couple continued, “We know that this isn’t something the ‘average’ chef would be happy in helping us with, but are hoping that someone with the right skills and our same passion for the environment can step forward and help us out. We have sourced the meat, so all they’d need to do is come up with some delicious recipes to put on a roadkill banquet for our 30 guests, we have approximately 20kg of roadkill meat in our freezer!”

For anyone willing to take up the challenge, the offer promises to be surprisingly lucrative. The couple in question state that they are prepared to pay £5,000 to anyone with the right skillset, though they stress that anyone accepting the offer should be able to handle game ranging from squirrel to rabbit, pheasant, partridge and deer. 

Despite the inherent unorthodoxy of the request, co-founder Kai Feller seemed unruffled that the advert had appeared on the site. As he put it, “One of the best things about weddings is being able to make it your own – whether that’s with the decor, venue, or the food. I guess in this instance, the couple really want to show their commitment to not only each other, but to their lifestyle. We pride ourselves on being able to connect customers with the perfect professional, no matter what the job is. Hopefully this couple can find the right person to help make their big day exactly how they want it.” It might not be for everyone, but there’s little doubting their commitment to the cause.