Couple’s Terrifying “Severed Head Wedding Cake” Shocks Guests

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

When people say that they’ve fallen head over heels in love, their metaphor usually means keeping their heads attached to their body. Decapitation typically involves a pretty emphatic end to any relationship – regardless of how strong your feelings may or may not have been to begin with. However, according to one married couple, literally losing your head over someone can apparently be both romantic and really grim.

A viral photo featuring one couple’s particularly shocking execution-themed wedding cake has been dividing the internet this week. The cake in question features the perfectly reconstructed, severed heads of happily betrothed Dave and Natalie from Texas, who got married just before Halloween way back in 2013. The cake itself comes complete with blood spatter, gore and the starry-eyed inscription, “Till Death Do Us Part.”

The photo has reemerged as a result of a post on vitriolic Facebook group, “That’s it, I’m wedding shaming.” The uploaded photo was quickly accompanied by a range of horrified comments from social media users who couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing. “Thanks I HATE it,” wrote one particularly caustic commenter. Another described it as “cringey”, while a third added, “nothing says love like severed heads…” Needless to say, the cake was not a hit with the group.

However, despite the horrifying imagery and the frosty reception on the wedding shaming forum, it hasn’t all been bad news for the married couple and their cake. As the photo was originally taken back in 2013, it has in fact surfaced several times over the last few years, and not always accompanied by a cloud of negativity.

For instance, in 2018, Dave and Natalie, who also happened to be the cake’s creators, decided to post a picture of the notorious sponge to commemorate halloween. This time, it received a much warmer response than this year’s reaction would suggest, and was variously described as “terrifying”, “amazing” and even “the most famous cake on the internet”. Clearly it’s not all bad news for mutilation-based baking.

After the legendary photo made another comeback on Monday, Dave and Natalie took the opportunity to provide a little more detail around the actual bake itself. In an Instagram caption, Natalie revealed, “Fun fact: once everything was sculpted the last thing to do was add the edible strawberry blood splatter, so Dave added his and I added mine. You know, cause we’re romantic and stuff.”

In fact, the heads aren’t the only impressive cake that Dave and Natalie have crafted over the years. The couple, who own and operate Sideserf Cake Studio, as well as present Texas Cake House on Food Network, have also created intricate bakes based on everything from exploding heads, to flying unicorns and dragons. With nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram and a dedicated TV audience to boot, it’s obvious that there’s a whole lot more in Dave and Natalie’s lockers than gory confectionary. Even if it just so happens that they’re most famous for immortalising their own severed heads in Victoria sponge.