Customers are absolutely fuming about the new change with McDonald’s Monopoly

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

For many McDonald’s customers, one of the biggest highlights of the year is the annual McDonald’s Monopoly game, which gives the general public loads of opportunities to win massive cash prizes. It’s safe to say that, judging from social media users’ reactions, this year is no exception.

For those of you who are out of the loop, and who have never heard of the contest before, allow me to explain: the McDonald’s Monopoly game sees customers hunting for Monopoly-themed stickers glued to the outside of their meal boxes, which customers are expected to peel back and collect to match on a classic Monopoly.

As a result of people wanting to boost their chances of winning big, paying customers thus end up making bigger and bigger orders to increase their chances of scooping up a prize. However, this year’s game has already seen some controversy. The word on the street is that the McDonalds corporation has secretly reduced the number of Monopoly stickers in circulation, which means that people are forced to order far more food items to have the same chance of winning. Pretty sneaky, right?

The change has apparently been provoked as a result of the obesity crisis and moral panic over fast food; McDonald’s has been forced to bow to public pressure and discourage their customers from overeating and buying too much food. But despite their health-conscious good intentions, a number of angry customers have already taken to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with the company.

For example, one Twitter user named Scott Wilkinson wrote: “Wasn’t gonna let it bother me, BUT the cheek of McDonald’s changing 3 stickers to 2 on the large fries has wound me up good and proper. Won absolutely zilch. [sic]” Meanwhile, another customer with the handle lewi2 wrote: “@McDonaldsUK just had a McDonald’s delivered by Ubereats and my large fries didn’t have a monopoly sticker on. I’m truly devastated [sic]” and someone else named Simon Davidson added: “I’ve never felt more betrayed than McDonald’s changing it from 3 stickers to 2 in the large fries. [sic]”

Commenting on the change to the rules and regulations, a McDonald’s spokesperson told British tabloid newspaper The Sun:

“For this year’s Monopoly campaign we have removed the incentive to “go large” as we focus on expanding the choice available to our customers participating in the promotion. We are now offering customers a choice between food prizes – for example, a Fruit Bag or McFlurry, and Shaker Side Salad or small fries, as well as prize labels on salads and Big Flavour Wraps, and carrot bags when purchased within a meal.”

Ah well; it sucks that the chances of winning are that much more remote – but to be honest, I don’t think I need any more incentive to guzzle down nuggets all day long.

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