Domino’s has launched a new Roulette Pizza with one hidden ghost pepper slice

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Fighting over the first slice of Domino’s is a dance as old as time. As soon as that blue and red box gets handed through the front door, ravenous diners become more animal than man, scrabbling over each other to get that sweet taste of artificially irresistible dough, sauce, and cheese. It’s like World War Z, only more delicious. Now, however, thanks to the pizza producer’s latest innovation, the fight for that first bite is now fraught with danger. 


In a bid to make Halloween scary again, Domino’s Japan have decided to unleash what might be the riskiest pizza ever made. The franchise’s new Roulette Pizza option allows foolhardy to customers to upgrade any medium, regular or large order and spike one slice with hidden ghost pepper sauce, made from chilies that were once considered to be the hottest on the planet. 


The fact that the new challenge utilises pepper sauce rather than actual ghost peppers means that it is incredibly difficult to tell at first glance which of the slices might be the spicy one, regardless of whether you’ve ordered a Pepperoni Passion or a Veggie Volcano. 


In a photo posted to the official Domino’s Japan Instagram account, featuring a sinister-looking syringe-load of lurid red sauce, the restaurant wrote:

“For a limited time! Halloween roulette Challenge free with any pizza.”

“Spicy Halloween roulette for a Halloween party ? Just a piece of spicy sauce “Boot Jolokia” ? Comment if you want to try!”

If you like the sound of spicy pizza, you’ll love this Spicy Pepperoni Pizza Rill recipe:


Domino’s Japan has also confirmed, as per Japan Today, that orders involving more than one pizza will be clearly marked so customers can tell which is the Roulette. 

Before it was replaced at the top of the chili tree by both the Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper, the ghost pepper was widely acknowledged to be the spiciest pepper anywhere. With a Scoville rating of anywhere between 850,000 and 1 million SHUs, it is believed to be about 200 times hotter than the average jalapeno. Diners, beware. Don’t say you weren’t warned.