Domino’s have just launched a new pizza, topped with pineapples and spaghetti

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As anyone who’s ever mentioned the word “Hawaiian” anywhere near an Italian restaurant knows, pineapple on pizza remains seriously controversial. Whilst plenty of people have come to reluctantly accept that fruit, ham, cheese and tomato is now a thing, plenty more outright refuse to accept defeat. This includes, for obvious reasons, the entire nation of Italy. However, as contentious as a Hawaiian undoubtedly is, it’s next to nothing compared to the latest monstrosity to emerge from the Southern Hemisphere.

To a crescendo of groans from traditional pizza buffs everywhere, Domino’s New Zealand have decided to up the Hawaiian ante by adding another beloved Italian staple to the mix. Not content with besmirching pizza, the international fast food franchise have unveiled the unambiguous “Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza”. Horrifyingly, if admittedly unsurprisingly, this pizza is not only topped with slices of pineapple, but thin strands of tinned pasta in tomato sauce. Somewhere, Massimo Bottura has probably just been a little bit sick in his mouth.

The combination comes courtesy of a collaboration between the pizza producers and Heinz-owned New Zealand-based canned food specialists “Watties”. Featuring their famous tinned spaghetti, the new pie looks like a post-apocalyptic beach party, mixed with the fever dream of a demented, starving four year old. However, with a price starting at $7.99, the wallet-friendly item may yet prove to be a hit with local customers.

As if in anticipation of the incredulous reactions that the news would provoke, Domino’s New Zealand prefaced the announcement, reassuring their social media following that the item was “no joke”. The company went on to reveal that ‘We’ve officially added Hawaiian spaghetti pizza to our menu for a limited time only, with help from our friends at Wattie’s NZ (no April Fools this time),’ which naturally begs the question which unspeakable April Fool’s pizza was deemed a little too mad to make the cut.

Predictably where pineapple and pizza are concerned, reaction to the pie was mixed. Several commentators expressed outrage, one writing, “Um no thanks, spaghetti doesn’t belong on a pizza,” another requesting, “How about officially un-adding it from the menu,” and a third revealing, “I used to wanna (sic)  gag on the spaghetti pizzas grandma used to make. I think it was her own homemade spaghetti.” Responses were always likely to be varied.

However, there were also plenty of people who seemed openly enthusiastic about the idea. Many pointed out how spaghetti pizzas had been a staple of their childhood, with one writing, “My childhood right here when mum was too lazy to cook a proper meal. I even do it for my kids sometimes too.” It might sound unconventional on the surface, but if it’s good enough for multiple generations of New Zealanders, maybe there is more to pasta pizza than meets the eye.