Domino’s have unveiled a new 40inch pizza, and it’s just as epic as it sounds

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Getting a Dominos is already one of the most indulgent ways to spend an evening. Anyone who’s done the maths on the calorie counter will have been horrified to discover that the average large pie can account for almost all of your daily allowance in one seriously delicious sitting. Even those teeny, tasty pots of mysteriously yummy garlic and herb dips tips the scales at 100 cals. Health food, it ain’t.

But, despite the dangers to your waistline, no one ever gets a Dominos in pursuit of that perfect beach bod. We get it because it is awesome. This is why the latest announcement from Dominos New Zealand is sure to have fans around the world drooling with excitement. Rather than try to curtail some of the chain’s excesses, the twisted minds in the southern hemisphere have created a behemoth, gut-busting pizza, guaranteed to intimidate even the hardiest pizza fan. Behold, “The Big One”.

Available only on the aforementioned island nation and Australia, The Big One is quite possibly the most ambitious pizza that the chain have ever attempted to sell. Described as its “Biggest Pizza Ever” on the official press release, early reports indicate that customers are struggling to carry it out of stores and into their homes. It might be epic, but it definitely isn’t practical.

Only when you put on your nerd hat does The Big One’s size truly become apparent. An average Dominos large has a diameter of 14 inches, giving it a total surface area of 154 square. 154 inches of pizza is no mean feat for anyone to consume, and yet still well within the realms of plausibility. Now, consider Dominos’ latest monstrosity. With a diameter of 40 inches, this colossus has a total surface area of 1257 square inches, making it around eight times the size of a typical Dominos large. Small wonder they’re so pleased with themselves.

In order to make such a monolithic construct of dough and sauce, branches in Australia and New Zealand use a series of specially created pots and pans, each designed explicitly to accommodate this one pizza. The box it travels in is specially reinforced to ensure it can make it from kitchen to home, and customers must come and pick it up themselves, since it can’t fit on the back of a delivery scooter.

The pie itself is split into four sections, based on the chain’s most popular toppings. Diners can take their pick from enormous slices of pepperoni passion, supreme, BBQ meat lovers and Hawaiian. Domino’s claim that each Big One can cater for up to 20 people – this may be a little ambitious, but there is little doubt that most groups aren’t going to go hungry if they try and tackle one.

Understandably, preparing such an enormous meal can’t be done on the fly. Locations where The Big One is being served are only capable of producing two in a day, and require a 24 hour warning should you and your friends want to get your hands on one. If ever there was an excuse for an impromptu trip Down Under, this is surely it.