Dr Pepper have just released a new flavour and it’s got everyone talking

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Dr Pepper is easily one of the most enigmatic soft drinks. Occupying the weird twilight zone between cherry cola and root beer, Dr Pepper has defied categorisation for decades. Is it fruity? Is it spicy? Is it sour? Is it even tasty? These are just some of the questions that remain unanswered about the world’s most baffling beverage.

It’s highly likely that the drink’s deliberate ambiguity is one of the major reasons why Dr Pepper is still one of the most popular cans on the planet. Though there have been a few riffs on the classic recipe released to the public, the general consensus is that the original, unique 1885 formula is still the best. However, an exciting new announcement suggests that all this could be about to change.

Last week, a series of photographs taken all across America revealed plans for a new addition to the Dr Pepper line up. According to reports on social media, the brand are about to unveil an all-new, blue-canned variant on the traditional recipe. If the early reviews are anything to go by, Pepper fans are in for a treat.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of social media savvy soft drinkers, we now know that the brand’s new flavour will be “Dr Pepper Dark Berry”. Although there has been no official word on the release from Dr Pepper themselves, Twitter users have been quick to lend their support. One declared, “I got to be one of the very first people EVER to try the new Dr Pepper Dark Berry. It’s not even out until May 1st. Let me just say, it is very yummy,” while other early testers were equally positives.

Although concrete information is difficult to come by without an official press release, it seems as though the new drink will be released in order to promote Marvel’s new Spiderman movie, “Far From Home”. The can itself appears to feature a depiction of the superhero’s latest adversary, the shadowy Mysterio. Some have even suggested that the secretive nature of the marketing campaign up until this point is exactly the sort of approach that would correlate with a character as reserved as the classic Spidey villain.

Although everything about the flavour has until now been almost totally shrouded in mystery, it looks like the rest of us won’t have to wait too long before getting our hands on a can. The general consensus is that the cans will be available nationwide from May 1st. However, there have been several photographs that suggest that some stores have jumped the gun, meaning that many may be able to get their hands on a premature sample already. Regardless of when the new drinks finally do hit shelves, it looks like Dr Pepper are doing their damndest to get summer off to a pretty awesome start.