A Dutch restaurant just launched the world’s most expensive burger – and the toppings are outrageous

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A restaurant in the small Dutch town of Voorthuizen is turning heads this week after unveiling the world’s most expensive burger.

The aptly named “The Golden Boy” is an edible bling-fest, replete with some of the most expensive ingredients money can buy.

Coming in at a cool £4,300, the spectacular sandwich fits every definition of decadent. It’s no wonder that it’s causing quite a stir.

most expensive burger The Golden Boy is easily the most expensive burger in the world (Credit: Instagram/dedaltonsvoorthuizen)

The Golden Boy – the world’s most expensive burger

While plenty of restaurants have created some ridiculously pricey food over the years, none have relished the challenge quite like de Daltons.

The small dutch fast food restaurant has simply blown the competition out of the water with the Golden Boy burger. Until this latest super sandwich came along, the expensive burger record stood at a pathetic £1,750.

Safe to say, with its ludicrous ingredients list, this new burger is on a whole different level.

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According to the de Dalton’s website, the dish features a beef patty made with a blend of short rib meat and A5 grade wagyu. However, it’s the toppings that really make The Golden Boy so spectacular.

On top of the wagyu, the restaurant layers a balanced combination of white truffles, Beluga caviar, Paleta Iberico Bellota ham, king crab, Dom Pérignon champagne-battered onion rings and a Macallan Single Malt and kopi luwak coffee barbecue sauce.

Naturally, the bun itself is also coated in gold leaf. Bon Appetit.

Golden boy burger The Golden Boy isn’t the only expensive fast food item (Credit: Instagram/remiaprofessioneel)

Most expensive fast food in history

Of course, De Daltons is hardly the first restaurant to serve something so pointlessly pricey. In fact, if you look across the fast food industry, there are plenty of bizarre records that are as baffling as they are impressive.

For instance, if you have a comfort food craving but feel that£4,300 is a little on the cheap side, you might be tempted by the Louic XIII pizza by Renato Viola.

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This astonishing £8,711 pie is only 20cm in diameter and takes 72 hours to prepare. Ingredients include three types of caviar, lobster, 25-year-old champagne and 100-year-old cognac drunk by Winston Churchill.

Or, perhaps you fancy something a little more affordable, yet still outrageously gaudy? In which case, London’s own £250 Billionaire wagyu sandwich from chef Andrea Zagatti might be your best option.

Either way, even though The Golden Boy is a new burger record holder, it certainly isn’t the only option for OTT fast food fans.