Facebook trick shows great way to save milk

saved! saved!
Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

When you’re restricted to one weekly shopping trip and the hours you used to spend strutting around Sainsbury’s are nothing more than a memory, making the most of what you’ve got in the cupboard becomes paramount. 

As word spreads about shelves stripped of tomato tins and egg boxes, it’s becoming increasingly obviously that abstemiousness is a virtue. A month ago, scouring the internet for food longevity tips would have made you look a little too Doomsday-curious. Who’s laughing now?

Now that we’re all in the same isolated boat, identifying areas where you can be a little more waste-conscious is not only sensible but arguably necessary. Fortunately, the internet is full of home hackers keen to share their wisdom. As the popularity of their posts is proving, they are catering for a hungry audience. 

The most recent example of home-cooked prudence will please anyone worried about where their next cup of tea will come from. As anyone with a fondness for cereal will tell you, making milk last a week can be tricky. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, while delicious, don’t lend themselves to effective dairy rationing. However, one useful tip recently published on Facebook has proven that you don’t need to worry about making milk go the extra mile, so long as you have an ice cube tray. 

In a post shared back in March, Facebook user Danielle Chapman explained how freezing individual portions of milk is a really effective way to monitor your supplies. The picture, which has since been shared over 40,000 times, features individually packaged milk cubes, and comes with the caption:

“If this helps any of our local elderly residents then please share away. Freeze milk in ice cube trays, one is enough for a cup of tea or coffee – so they dont have to defrost a full bottle of milk which may go to waste – this can save them money as well as not have to go out so often to get fresh milk.”

This unusual situation is forcing everyone to think outside the box. Frankly, if there are any other ideas that make it easier to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary shopping trips, we’re all ears.