17 best Valentine’s Day food gift ideas – the ultimate way to say “I love you”

08 Feb 2021



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

When you’re struggling for inspiration, the Valentine’s Day food gift ideas are a great solution to what can quickly become the most stressful shopping spree of the year.

Why bother with questionable perfumes and cards that looked way cuter online? Instead, just order something deliciously romantic and relax.

Best Valentine’s Day food gift ideas

To help any confused lovebirds enter into the spirit of things, we’ve prepared a selection of our favourite Valentine’s Day food gift ideas.

Whether you’re a romantic chocoholic or fancy cooking an all-out feast for the senses, this list has you covered.

You’ll wonder why you ever worried about February 14th in the first place.

Heart Ravioli Stamp

Filled pasta is already a fantastic way to show someone how you feel. Why not take things up a level with this romantic shape from sous chef?

Available for just £6.49.

Heart shaped ravioli cutter Heart-Shaped Ravioli Cutter (Credit: Sous Chef)

Charcuterie Selection Box

On the face of it, packs of cured meat might not seem immediately amorous. However, if you’re prepared to think outside the box, we guarantee that your special someone will relish the chance to devour some top-quality pork.

So long as, obviously, they aren’t strictly vegetarian. Available for £32.

Charcuterie box Valentine's Day food gift ideas Charcuterie selection box (Credit: The Real Cure)

Fish for Thought Lobster Box

The fact that. restaurants are closed means that you have plenty of money to shell out on sensational seafood.

This box from sustainable experts Fish for Thought features crab, oysters. and lobsters. A bargain at £110.

Valentine's Day food gift ideas lobster Lobster meal bocx (Credit: Fish for Thought)

St John Ox Cheek Pie

Moreso than many famous London restaurants, St John has a reputation for meaty romantic specials. They’ve delivered again in 2021.

This delicious ox cheek and pickled walnut pie is perfect for a cold February evening. £35 for suet-crusted goodness is an absolute steal.

Ox cheek pie St John Ox Cheek and pickled walnut pie (Credit: St John)

Chocolate Cherry Brownie Hot Chocolate

Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a tried and tested combo. Here’s how you up the ante.

This limited edition chocolate cherry brownie mix might be the most indulgent thing you put in your mouth this year. Ideal at just £9.

Chocolate cherry brownie Valentine's Day food gift ideas Chocolate cherry brownie hot chocolate (Credit: Wittard)

Customised Toblerone

Getting someone their favourite chocolate is a surefire way to win them over on Valentine’s Day. Upgrading the gift with their name is the cherry on top of the cake.

Available for just £14.99.

Valentine's Day food gift ideas A customised Toblerone is a great Valentine’s Day food gift idea (Credit: Prezzybox)

Valentine’s Cheese Selection

As any savoury-lover knows, cheese is infinitely superior to almost every dessert around. Why not cut out the sweet middle man and head straight to the cheese course?

This delicious selection from the Courtyard Dairy costs just £29.50. Bargain.

Valentine's Day food gift ideas Valentine’s Day cheese selection (Credit: The Courtyard Dairy)

Laduree Macarons

French pastry always adds an air of sophistication to proceedings, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Featuring the Goddess of Love herself, these macarons from Ladurée in Paris certainly make an impression. At £39.50 a box, you’d expect nothing less.

Valentine's Day food gift ideas Venus Macarons (Credit: Ladurée Paris)

Wine and Chocolate Box

Wine is good. Chocolate is good. Why not kill two birds with one stone and by both in one go?

This bottle and box combo from The Bolney Estate can be customised according to your taste. Prices start at £42.99.

Valentine's Day food gift ideas chocolate Chocolate and wine box (Credit: Bolney Wine Estate)

Heart-Shaped Le Creuset

Le Creuset cookware has long been the industry standard. For the chef in your life, you really can’t do much better.

This romantic heart-shaped pan costs around £135. It might be pricey, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Le Creuset cast iron Le Creuset Heart Pot (Credit: Amazon)

Salami and Chorizo Bouquet

We’ve already established that meat is one of the most romantic statements you can make. Meat made into a bunch of flowers, however, is on another level entirely.

This delightful arrangement features a selection of different cures. For £48, it will definitely be the most delicious bouquet you buy this year.

Salami chorizo bouquet Salami chorizo bouquet (Credit: The Real Cure)

Michelin Star Meal at Home

Valentine’s Day is traditionally the time of year when we indulge with a pricey restaurant trip. Going out might be off the table, but top-notch food thankfully isn’t.

This Michelin star meal at home offer from Lancashire establishment Moor Hall is one of many options from top restaurants. Prices vary depending on the restaurant.

Three Month Friday Night Curry Kit

If you’re committing to a Valentine’s Day splurge, why stop at one gift? This subscription offer, for instance, pledges to provide you with the basics for a delicious Friday night curry for three months. Winner, winner, several dinners.

Yours for just £26.

curry subscription best Valentine's Day food ideas Curry subscription (Credit: The Spicery)

Fancy Espresso Maker

For some people, coffee can be just as important as their partner. Make sure you remain ahead in the pecking order with this stylish espresso machine.

Coming in at £735, this definitely isn’t a cheap option. Then again, can you really put a price on top-quality caffeine.

Delonghi coffee machine (Credit: House of Fraser)

Beautiful Coupe Glasses

You don’t have to end up eating and drinking to enjoy a great foodie present. Sometimes, having something beautiful to do the drinking with is just as good.

These gorgeous glasses from Anthropologie do just that. Available for just £14.

Coupe Glasses Anthropologie Coupe Glasses (Credit: Anthropologie)

English Sparkling Wine

Thanks to various economically questionable political decisions, important your favourite bottle of bubbly from the continent just became a whole lot more difficult. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

This glorious English sparkling wine costs just £27.50 and comes from the fair county of Cornwall. Who needs champagne?

Camel Valley English sparkling wine Camel Valley bottle (Credit: Camel Valley)

Valentine’s Beer Box

Wine isn’t the only alcohol you could be enjoying on February 14th. If you prefer something slightly hoppier, why not crack open a can from this delightful Valentine’s Day beer box?

Brought to you by Beer Hawk, this selection features five delicious craft beers. Available for just £20.

Valentine's Day food gift ideas Valentine’s Day beer box (Credit: Beer Hawk)

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day food gift is never easy. The last thing you want to do is compromise your romantic plans with something that tastes like dog food.

Fortunately, with these suggestions, you can’t really go wrong. Whatever your tastes, there’s something great for you and your partner to enjoy.


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