The best Easter eggs of 2022: Twisted reviews every chocolate brand

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s Easter, which (amongst other things) means eating your body weight in chocolate eggs.

It might be hard to believe, given the abundance on shelves today, but Easter eggs weren’t always a ‘thing’. The Easter egg as we know it dates back to 1873 here in the UK, when the first chocolate egg was sold – spurred on by the tradition of gifting hard-boiled and brightly-painted chicken’s eggs.

From Cadbury to Lindt to Nestle, today every chocolate brand is in on the action. In fact, it’s estimated that 80 million chocolate eggs are sold each year to hungry Brits.

But which high-street Easter eggs are actually good? Team Twisted has done some *very serious* investigative journalism to give you all the deets.

We ranked ton of Easter eggs (Credit: Twisted)

Twisted’s tasting criteria

Before we got cracking on the important part – the taste test – we had to decide which eggs to rate. There are frankly too many Easter eggs on shelves to try every single one, so how did we narrow down our criteria?

Well, these days, you can buy dark chocolate, white chocolate and even savoury Easter eggs, but we decided to focus in on everyone’s favourite: the milk chocolate.

We don’t have time for the riff-raff, or multiple eggs from each brand (because dinky bags of chocolate aside, they’re all the same, really) so, we opted for one egg per chocolate big-wig. This allowed us to focus on one thing and one thing only: the chocolate.

Our very scientific blind taste test (Credit: Twisted)

How sweet is it? Is it creamy? Is it thick, or flimsy? Could you eat a whole egg in one sitting, or would it leave you queasy?

To ensure we weren’t influenced by branding or bias, a team of six of us blind tasted each Easter egg (it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it). Then, we averaged out our scores to bring you our final verdict.

This Easter there’s no time to waste on mediocre chocolate… so we’ve done the hard work for you. Enjoy!

The results



Credit: Twisted

Thorntons is a household name. A chocolatier, rather than a bog standard brand; an elevated choice, some might say.

Unfortunately, this didn’t reflect in the ratings.

The problem with Thorntons’ offering is that it was a crowd-divider. With pretty pink decorative swirls and a thick, sturdy shell, nobody could argue with the aesthetic of this egg, but it wasn’t the sweetest of the bunch, and it played up on its creaminess above all else.

If you don’t eat a lot of sweet food, this egg might well be one of the most palatable options, but ultimately, some of the team felt Thorntons’ egg lacked in flavour. As Hugh, our Creative Culinary Lead put it, it was “all talk and no trousers”. It promised a lot, but ultimately didn’t deliver.



Credit: Twisted

You might be surprised to see Nestle so near the bottom of our Easter egg ranking. Hell, we are, too.

They’ve brought us god-tier chocolates like Smarties, KitKat and Aero, but their Easter egg shell? Well, it was just a bit meh.

The issue we had with the Nestle egg is that it just didn’t live up to the calibre of some of the others. It was very one-note – sweet, but with little else going on. Thinner than some of the others and ultimately a bit “cheap” and a little flimsy in texture, the egg lacked a creaminess that other eggs possessed.

This isn’t to say we wouldn’t eat the whole thing…there was nothing offensive about the taste, per se. We’d just probably feel a bit queasy afterwards, and feel a lingering sense of regret.


Green & Blacks 

Credit: Twisted

Green & Black’s has a very distinct taste. It’s one of those chocolates you pick out when you’re feeling sophisticated – the type you eat whisky in hand, whilst sitting by a crackling fire.

This is where the blind taste test got interesting. Whilst nobody could argue with the quality of this chocolate Easter egg, without the packaging, the flavour initially took some of the team by surprise.

Some of the team thought it was “bitter,” “flowery” and “trying too hard”, but when they learnt it was Green & Black’s they said the flavours made a lot more sense.

You see, Green & Black’s isn’t like other chocolate, and its egg is no different. It’s bold and distinct…one for the more discerning palates amongst us.

Described by Twisted‘s Creative Director, Tom, as “sultry, decadent, smokey and tobacco-y” this is the Easter egg you buy your food-obsessed mate, but maybe not your kid.



Credit: Twisted

A vegan ‘milk chocolate’ offering, and it’s not at the bottom of the list! No shade to plant-based chocolate, but this is quite impressive.

A lot of people thought this Easter egg was dark chocolate, but it received high praise nonetheless. It certainly wasn’t as bitter as a typical dark chocolate egg, which is a real feat without any dairy.

Could we scoff the whole thing? Sure. Our Junior Food Producer, Spencer, praised the Easter egg’s “depth of flavour” and even went as far as branding it “delicious”, whilst Tom described it as “piney, with orange notes” (we’re not sure that’s what they were going for, but it’s pleasant nonetheless).

Big yourselves up, Montezuma, this score isn’t bad at all.



Credit: Twisted

Lindt is what you go for when you want something a little bit fancy, but also an egg which caters to all. It’s indulgent – a crowdpleaser – although you probably couldn’t eat the whole egg by yourself, even if though you might want to.

The shell on this one was thick, meaning each bite gave a satisfying mouthful, and it had a “luxurious, milky” flavour, whilst still remaining sweet and decadent. Even though we tasted it blind, Lindt won praise for its familiar flavours, which much of the team found comforting.

“You could invite this guy home to meet your parents and it would be no trouble and he would make all the right jokes,” mused Hugh, after trying this one.

Can’t argue with that, really, can we?



Credit: Twisted

We all love some Dairy Milk, don’t we? So, it’s no wonder this egg is a front-runner, even if it is a little basic.

Tying with Lindt, Cadbury also won points for its recognisable flavours. The egg itself received praise for being thick, but not too thick. The chocolate was rich and milky. It was delightfully binge-able.

Was there anything fancy going on? Not really. But we think Twisted‘s videographer, Murray, said it best when he asked “how can something tastes so good but so cheap at the same time?”.

We’re not mad at it. Sometimes cheap chocolate is exactly what the doctor ordered.



Credit: Twisted

Ah, Mars… another chocolate OG. Full disclosure, we actually tried a Galaxy Easter egg and a Celebrations Easter egg, before realising they were the same (we clocked almost immediately, because the flavour was just so darn distinctive.)

The egg was bold. It was sweet, but also balanced with the perfect amount of creaminess. The shell wasn’t flimsy, but was also thin enough that it melted on your tongue whilst you ate it.

Twisted‘s Junior Edit Executive, Lauren, put it aptly when she declared that this egg reminded her of her childhood. After all, we all love a bit of nostalgia, don’t we?

Although, maybe we shouldn’t be leaving the Mars chocolate for the kids to devour. If this taste test proves anything, it’s that when it comes to high-street chocolate, it’s very much the creme de la creme.