Chicken nugget bouquets are back for Valentine’s Day and they’re far superior to flowers

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Leave those droopy Valentine’s Day flowers at the shop, because there’s a far superior bouquet doing the rounds.

Yep, you might have seen them across your Insta’ feeds last year, but Chicken Nugget Bouquets are back again for 2022, and if you ask us, they’re romantic AF.

The meaty bouquets have been cropping up on Instagram and TikTok over the last few days, with several people spotting them and resolving to try it out for themselves.

One TikToker spearheading the trend is food blogger, Huyen, who goes by @onehungryasiangirl on the app.

“After receiving many Valentine’s Day bouquets from my fiancé over the years, I wanted to think of a fun and creative bouquet that he’d enjoy (or at least make him laugh),” she tells Twisted.

“All you need is frozen chicken nuggets, bamboo skewers, green filler flowers, flower wrapping paper, string, and ribbon. Toss the nuggets into an airfryer or oven until they’re crispy.

“Let them cool before sticking them onto the skewers. To assemble, bundle up the skewered nuggets with the filler flowers while ensuring that all the nuggets are visible.

“Tie them together with string. Next, wrap them in a few layers of the bouquet paper and tie it all together with a ribbon.”

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chicken nugget bouquet valentine's day Now *this* is romance (Credit: TikTok/ @onehungryasiangirl)

“Nothing says I love you like chicken nuggets amirite?,” she jokes on her TikTok page – and we aren’t the only ones who agree.

Reacting under her post, one TikToker wrote: “I WANT THIS SO BAD”.

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Wait…this makes so much more sense than a regular bouquet.”

“Sending u one,” said a third tagging their partner.

There are tonnes more examples of nugget bouquets online, too, and whilst Hayen created hers for her fiancé, others have even knocked them up for themselves – because, self love, right?!

Trisha Fuerte, who goes by @fuertebody on TikTok is one such individual.

“For 8 years now, I’ve gotten myself a bouquet for Valentine’s Day to remind myself I deserve my flowers and that life can be romantic even with out a partner,” she says.

“This year, I wanted to elevate the tradition and chicken nuggets are my absolute favourite food, so I made myself a chicken nugget bouquet! It was so easy, and I’m now going to make myself a different food bouquet every Valentine’s Day because my favourite love story pis between me and food.”

Trisha, who also has a body positivity YouTube channel, makes her bouquet pretty similarly to Huyen, except she buys her nuggets pre-cooked and uses barbecue sticks to assemble them in rows.

Her preference is McDonald’s nuggets, but of course, other outlets are available. And just look at the end result…

chicken nugget bouquet Who needs a partner when you can make yourself this?! Credit: TikTok/ @fuertebody

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Just as caring and thoughtful as a normal bouquet, the advantages of a ‘nug bouquet are obvious.

For one, whilst flowers will eventually wilt, the joyous memory of chowing down on each morsel of chicken will likely stay with you far longer.

Plus, it’s original. Valentine’s presents can get seriously old and cliche (check out our guide of this year’s worst, if you don’t believe us) so hand crafting a bouquet stuffed with your partner’s favourite food is sure to be a welcome relief amongst a sea of flowers and love sausages.

Pssst, there’s still time to knock one of these up for yourself. You know what to do…