Food themed April Fools Day pranks we actually wish were real

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Every April Fools Day, our inbox gets flooded with pretty darn bonkers gags from food brands, hoping to prank not only Twisted HQ but all our loyal readers.

It’s a yearly right of passage, and probably the best day for brands everywhere to flex their sense of humour.

As time has gone by, we’ve seen some downright ghastly plugs for the likes of pizza flavoured Buzz Light, Subway Coriander cookies and Heinz ‘Smoop’ (yep, that’s a smoothie soup).

But when the clock strikes 12, there are always a few ‘April Fools’ announcements that leave us kind of gutted.

Here are some of the best food based April Fools jokes we’ve seen in 2022. The ones that got away, the ones that peaked our curiosity, and the ones we will forever dream of.

Sunday Roast Spaghetti

sunday roast spaghetti april fools day

Pasta Evangelists teased us with this epic spaghetti concept (Credit: Pasta Evangelists)

Sorry, but what’s not to love about Sunday Roast Spaghetti? This was a joke from pasta delivery maestros, but we’re bitterly disappointed it’s not actually real.

The fantasy dish promises to blend “the best of British and Italian, in one” – and you know how much we love fusion food here at Twisted. 

It was said to be made up of “freshly made spaghetti, a whole roast poussin, a Yorkshire pudding base, roast potatoes, greens, baby carrots, all doused in a hearty dose of gravy”.

Sure, it’s bold, but so is every stroke of genius. We all love a rich, meaty spaghetti, and – let’s face it – everything is better with a dollop of gravy and a Yorkshire.

We might not be able to buy this but we’ll certainly be recreating it this weekend…

Pot Noodle x Papa Johns Pizza

pot noodle papa johns

Pot Noodle Papa Johns pizza, anyone? (Credit: Pot Noodles x Papa Johns)

Why, cruel world? Why? The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, but we so wish this Pot Noodle pizza was left within our reach.

In a post on Insta, Pot Noodle teased: “Excited to bring you OODLES of NOODLES with NEW Pot Pizzas. Yes, that’s right! We’ve joined forces for a collaboration like no other to bring you three delicious noodle-topped pizzas from @potnoodle x @papajohnsuk.

“First up is the Pot Noodle Bombay Badboy with Papa Johns American Hot”.

But then they later announced the whole thing was nothing but a scam.

Eclectic it may be, but we sure would have loved to try this spicy and carby collab.

Pineapple on pizza ban

deliveroo april fools 2022

This is a controversial one… (Credit: Deliveroo/ Twitter)

Deliveroo announced they had banned pineapple on pizza for this year’s April Fools, before later confirming it was all a rouse.

A controversial choice, but one we would have heartily been on board with – as would many an Italian Nonna.

Sorry, not sorry.

Walkers’ bread sized crisps

walkers april fools 2022

Ok, who do we have to call to make this happen? (Credit: Twitter/ Walkers)

The fact these don’t exist is a travesty, quite frankly. Walkers know all too well that crisp sandwiches are a beloved lunchtime choice here in the UK, and they teased us by inventing the perfect product, only to rip it from our grip.

The bread sized crisps were essentially just that: massive crisps the size of your head which you could layer onto bread for maximum salty crunch.

It’s not just us who is gutted they’re not actually being sold.

On Twitter, one person said they were “deeply hurt this isn’t a real thing,” whilst another wrote: “You guys are missing a real opportunity with this one”.

Who’s setting up a petition to make this happen?

Tango’s ‘takeaway inspired’ drinks

tango takeaway drinks april fools 2022

Anyone? No? (Credit: Tango)

We’ll admit, these sound kinda gross. But are we intrigued? Absolutely. Would we buy? Almost certainly.

The fizzy drink brand told us it was bringing out a range of drinks inspired by our favourite greasy takeaway foods, with flavours including ‘Fizz and Chips’, and ‘Carbonated Chicken & Citrus Gravy’.

The idea was that Brits could enjoy takeaway tastes alongside the citrusy notes they’re known best for.

Anyone else into it? No? Ok, we’ll see ourselves out…