The best fictional foods – from Studio Ghibli ramen to Kung Fu Panda’s dumplings

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Do you ever watch TV and catch sight of a plate of food you wish was real?

For us, it’s always been Miss Trunchbulls’ Chocolate Cake in Matilda, or the three course dinner chewing gum in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Just imagine how mind-blowing that’d be…

We’ve even found ourselves salivating at cartoon food before (we simply refuse to believe we’re the only ones who regularly yearn for a Spongebob SquarePants Krabby Patty).

Taking to social media, one Twitter user opened up the conversation as she shared her own fictional food craving with the world.

“Fictional food I really wanna try: Los Pollos Hermanos,” she wrote, referencing the fried chicken chain from Breaking Bad. 

And after that, the replies came flooding in, with everyone sharing their own TV and movie foods they wished were real.

After scouring the thread, here are some of our favourite suggestions: 

The Cheesecake from Friends

cheesecake friends

Rachel and Chandler *really* liked this cheesecake (Credit: HBO)

Listen, any cheesecake that two adults will literally eat *off the floor* is good enough for us.
Diehard Friends fans will remember The One With All The Cheesecakes, which sees Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry’s characters steal their neighbour’s cheesecake and become obsessed with how amazing it tastes.
With a chunky biscuit base and a creamy cheese filling that seems to send both characters into a frenzy, it’s no surprise that many of us have been desperate to know what this cake takes like ever since…

Tubby Toast and Tubby Custard from Teletubbies


Tubby custard was one of our first cravings (Credit: BBC)

Teletubbies may be responsible for our first craving, like, ever. The way they made tubby toast and tubby custard look like a gift from god will never cease to amaze us.

Adorned in their bibs, the Teletubbies would often be seen drinking the pastel pink custard down like it’s water – and that’s the sort of energy we can get behind.

They also loved themselves a bitta’ Tubby Toast (circular toast in the shape of a smiley face) which actually looks more like pancakes, to be honest.

Unfortunately, whilst the food on screen looked nice, the custard was actually made of mashed potato with a splash of red and yellow acrylic paint, and the Tubby Toast was made from foam.

Still, we can dream, right?!

The Scooby Sandwich from Scooby Doo

scooby doo sandwich

Scooby Doo’s sandwiches will be forever unrivalled (Credit: Hanna-Barbera)

There’s a reason that Shaggy is so obsessed with his sandwiches in Scooby Doo, and we still crave this bad boy pretty much whenever we’ve got a hangover.

We mean, look at it.

The Scooby Sandwich is basically layers and layers of bread packed with cheese, tomato, lettuce, ham and lashings of mayo.

It’s a BLT on heat, and like Scooby, we can’t stop drooling over it.

The Dumplings from Kung Fu Panda

what is the dumpling in kung fu panda

Po really loved those dumplings, didn’t he? (Credit: Dreamworks)

Disney damn well know how to make food look good. Just look at Kung Fu Panda. 

There are few of us who have watched Po licking his lips at the baozi (or bao) and not wondered what kind of dumpling it was, so we could order one ourselves.

Apparently the dumplings are stuffed with pork, and steamed. We’ll be the first to admit we wouldn’t mind stuffing 38 in our mouths like Po.

The fictional feast from Hook 

Hook had us craving imaginary food like never before (Credit: Amblin Entertainment)

We crave fictional food all the time, but to make a viewer crave imaginary food? That really is something.

Believe it or not, that’s what Steven Spielberg achieved in Hook. A smorgasbord of delicious and totally unidentifiable grub, Peter Pan (Robin Williams) is asked to conjure up a meal – and that he does.

Fans of the film will remember we see a red and blue imagination pie taking centre stage alongside brightly coloured dips and what might well be fruit and veg.

“I remember at first [the food] was brownish grey, and Steven [Spielberg] didn’t like that, so they just started making it colorful, all these different colors on the side,” Rufio actor, Dante Basco, told GameSpot, explaining how the table came to be.

Apparently, it cost a whopping $50,000 to stock up on food for this scene, and it had to be filmed twice.

Considering we have no idea what it’s meant to taste like, it’s amazing how often we’ve marvelled at this scene. Money well spent, if you ask us.

Ramen from Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo

ponyo ramen studio ghibli

We don’t care that it’s a cartoon. We crave this ramen daily (Credit: Studio Ghibli)

This might well be the crème de la crème of movie food (and that’s truly saying something).

Studio Ghibli always manage to make food look mouthwatering, so it’s no wonder their Ponyo‘s ramen got a callout.

Served by Sosuke’s mum in the film, the ramen looks like a hug in a bowl, served steaming hot, with a garnishing of ham, an egg and spring onion.

The best part is it’s one of the few movie foods we probably can recreate, because Sozuke’s mum makes it with packet noodles.

Just check out this clip of the moment Ponyo gets served it:

We think about this daily. Now, you can, too.

Of course, the fictional food fantasies didn’t stop there. We could have gone on and listed countless more examples that were mentioned under the Twitter thread, and we got *very* hungry reading everyone’s suggestions.

You can check out some more of the responses here. 

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to work out how to recreate Hook’s Imagination Pie…