Move over chocolate: The best food advent calendars of 2022

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

One of the best things about the run-up to Christmas is advent (namely, the daily present you get to pull out of your advent calendar in the run-up to the Big Day).

Most people go for a chocolate filled advent calendar – and very nice they are, too – but nowadays, the fun doesn’t stop there.

In fact, there’s a plethora of advent calendars out there for food lovers this year, and they’re so exciting we honestly wouldn’t blame you for stocking up on more than one of them.

From the very best feasting advent calendars from Fortnum and Mason to cheap and cheerful advent calendars filled with marshmallows, coffee and cheese, there is quite literally something for everyone, no matter your snack of choice.

Need some inspo? Here’s Twisted‘s guide to the best food and drink advent calendars for 2022.

The Naked Marshmallow Co Advent Calendar

food advent calendars 2022 marshmallow

Marshmallow advent calendar, anyone? (Credit: Naked Marshmallow Co)

Price: £20

Chocolate is great, and all, but marshmallows? Now you’ve really got our attention.

The Naked Marshmallow Co’s Gourmet Advent Calendar is stuffed full of 25 gooey marshmallows in various different flavours, including Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream, Candy Floss, S’mores. Yum.

On Christmas Day you’re in for a treat, as there’s a milk chocolate coated salted caramel marshmallow bar for you to enjoy.

Oh, and as if things couldn’t get any better, you can spend an extra £3.95 and order a marshmallow toaster to come with your calendar, so you can heat up each one before you tuck in.

Premium Pink Gin Advent Calendar

PINK gin advent calendar

Fancy a pink gin a day? (Credit: The Bottle Club/ Alamy)

Price: £44.99

If you’re a fan of pink gin, then why not treat yourself to 12 days of the stuff?

From The Bottle Club, this advent calendar is stuffed full of fruity gins from Gordon’s, Whitley Neill, Cheeky Gin and Hogg Norton.

Behind each door, you’ll find a 5cl bottle of gin, each with a unique taste and flavour, including the likes of Bubblegum, Pink Grapefruit, Rhubarb and Raspberry, Passionfruit and more.

Enjoy a dozen sweet and vibrant tipples as you count down to Christmas…

Whittard Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

whittard hot chocolate

Whittard’s hot chocolate advent calendar (Credit: Whittard’s)

Price: £70

What’s more Christmassy than a daily mug of hot chocolate to keep you toasty throughout advent? The Whittard’s hot chocolate advent calendar offers just that.

The 2022 advent calendar comes with 24 windows and is filled with 12 delicious flavours of hot chocolate (who even knew there were that many to choose from?!)

Flavours include Luxury White, Salted Caramel, Rocky Road and Mint hot chocs, and they all sound like a dream.

What could make you feel more wintry than this? We’d argue, nothing.

Guinness Chocolate Advent Calendar

guinness chocolate food advent calendars 2022

Fancy a Guinness chocolate from now until Christmas? (Credit: Guinness)

Price: £13.50

We take your chocolate advent calendar and we raise you a Guinness chocolate advent calendar.

Yup, you can actually eat Guinness flavoured chocolate every day as you count down to Christmas. What a treat, ey?

Each window of the 24-day calendar is stuffed with a silk smooth Guinness dark chocolate truffle, which is bound to start your day off right if you’re a fan of the Irish stout. The truffles are a 5 percent ABV and taste deliciously bitter and rich.

Available on gifting sites like Prezzybox and Menkind, this for your Guinness glugging mate and you’re sure to remain on their nice list this year.

Cheesegeek Advent Calendar

cheesegeek advent calendar

This cheese advent calendar comes with all the trimmings (Credit: Cheesegeek)

Price: £150

If you’re more partial to something savoury in your advent calendar then why not order a cheese filled box, with the very best artisan picks stuffed behind each window?

Cheesegeek dub their 2022 offering the ‘world’s greatest cheese advent calendar’. It’s quite a claim, sure, but we’d be willing to vouch for them.

They actually send their cheese in three separate deliveries to ensure they’re as fresh as humanly possible. Plus, each box will come with Peter’s Yard crackers, a honey and a condiment. How fancy.

The calendars each fit in your fridge, offering you a daily cheese to indulge in as you count down the days until Christmas. It’s on the pricier side, but it’s a cheese lover’s dream.

Pact Coffee Advent Calendar

pact coffee advent calendar

Pact Coffee’s advent calendar will get you up in the morning (Credit: Pact Coffee)

Price: £29.95

Pact Coffee’s advent calendar comes packed with 25 different coffees for you to unwrap throughout December – perhaps the best hack to get you up on a dark winter morning.

The coffees come from seven different countries, and give you a chance to try the brand’s limited edition flavours, as well as those from their micro-lots (which are dreamy coffees made on tiny pieces of land).

Coffees include Filadelfia, a coffee which originates from a valley surrounded by three volcanoes in Antigua, and La Esperanza coffee from sunny El Salvador.

The only problem with this advent calendar is that you’ll never want to drink the normal stuff again…

Master of Malt Whisky Advent Calendar 

food advent calendars 2022 master of malt whisky

Master of Malt is bringing whisky lovers some festive cheer (Credit: Master of Malt)

Price: £99.95

Partial to a whisky by the fire at Christmas? Then look no further than Master of Malt’s whisky advent calendar.

The Explorer’s Edition Advent Calendar features 24 different wax sealed whiskies in 30ml bottles, meaning you get to try a whole bunch of the very best whiskies from around the world.

The best thing about this calendar is being able to smugly boast that your favourite whisky is Sweden’s Mackmyra Björksav, or Dublin’s Teeling Small Batch.

This one is on the spennier side, but you get a decent amount of booze inside, which justifies it (and if you can ever justify a daily drum of whisky, it’s in the run up to Christmas, right?)

Pip and Nut Advent Calendar

nut butter

There’s not much better than a load of nut butter! (Credit: Pip and Nut)

Price: £20

Another in the running for the best food advent calendar of 2022 is Pip and Nut’s Butter Cup Advent Calendar, stuffed full of their beloved nut butters served to be bitesize, and in a dark chocolate coating.

The windows are dispersed with peanut and almond nut butter choccies, offering up a daily treat for anybody (like us) who can eat Pip and Nut out of the jar.

These food filled advent calendars are vegan friendly, so they’re perfect for a plant-based friend or family member. Plus, they’re gluten free and made with ethical chocolate.

The best part is for every advent calendar sold, Pip and Nut will donate three jars of peanut butter London’s Hackney Foodbank. They’re aiming for 40,000 jars by the end of 2022 – will you help them out? 

Joe and Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar

food advent calendars 2022 popcorn

You had us at a December full of popcorn… (Credit: Joe and Seph’s)

Price: £30

Another 2022 food advent calendar not to be slept on is Joe and Seph’s popcorn filled offering. We mean, who can argue with 24 days of popcorn to nibble on?

Not only is the design of the Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar gorgeous, depicting Joe’s Popcorn Kitchens at Christmastime, it’s also packed with 19 unique bags of popcorn, including flavours like Banoffee Pie, Gingerbread and Vanilla Cheesecake.

On day 24, you’re also treated to a bag of Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites as an extra special treat.

That’s your pre-Christmas snacking sorted, then!

Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar

food advent calendars 2022 ilchester cheese

24 days of cheese for a tenner? Yes please (Credit: So Wrong It’s Nom)

Price: Starting from £9

Another cheese advent calendar with a much less hefty price tag, this is still a very reliable choice for a food loving pal with a savoury tooth.

Created by blogger So Wrong It’s Nom, and available at Sainsbury’s Lidl, Morrisons, Ocado, ASDA and on Amazon, this has become a firm favourite in households across the country – and it’s clear why.

This year’s looks as fab as ever, with 24 doors stuffed with the likes of Wensleydale, Applewood cheddar and even a Mexicana variety to look forward to. In honour of the festive season, you’ll also find some Christmassy ingredients like gingerbread and cranberries stuffed into some of the cheeses.

Keep this in the fridge and offer yourself a daily nibble of cheese in the run-up to the holidays. After all, Christmas is all about cheese, isn’t it?

Terre Exotique Spice Advent Calendar

terre exotique spice advent calendar

Use advent as an excuse to stock up your spices (Credit: Terre Exotique)

Price: £28.50

Are you an avid cook, or are you looking for the perfect 2022 advent calendar for your friend who loves food?

Well Terre Exotique’s Spice Advent Calendar features 24 unique spices to make meals more exciting, and unlock a world of flavours you may not have experienced before.

Each day of December, in the run up to Christmas, you’ll get a sachet of either a sweet or a savoury spice, each of which is offered up with tasting notes and recipe ideas, too.

Options include a Speculoos spice blend, Cane sugar with Christmas spices, Diamond salt with summer truffle, Middle Eastern Zathar and Japanese Gomasio. 

It’s a great way to discover new flavours to experiment with going into 2023, and broaden your culinary horizons.

Sweet Reason Brownie Advent Calendar 

brownie food advent calendars

We take your chocolate and raise you 24 brownies (Credit: The Sweet Reason)

Price: £66

Ok, so you like chocolate – let’s face it, you could easily go for your classic Cadbury selection.

But why not push the boat out this year and opt for a brownie selection – undoubtedly one of the most indulgent food advent calendars 2022 has to offer.

Offering up artisan brownies from independent online bakery, The Sweet Reason Company, this advent calendar is stuffed full of 25 chocolatey treats to enjoy in the run-up to Christmas.

There’s variety each day, too. Flavours include Mince Pie, Baileys, Mojito, Honeycomb, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Orange, Coconut and Oreo, to name but a few. As you arrive at the 23rd, 24th and 25th of December you’ll be treated to a larger Millionaire’s Shortbread, Flapjack and Fruit Cake slab to enjoy, too.

The thought of these baked goods would certainly get us out of bed in the morning…

Teapigs Advent Calendar

teapigs advent calendar

Teapigs’ advent calendar is perfect if you love a brew (Credit: Teapigs)

Price: £19.99

Do you love nothing more than a nice, hot brew? Then let Teapigs join you on the countdown to Christmas, offering up a variety of different tea blends to enjoy each day.

There are a whole variety of different brews behind the 24 doors, including liquorice and peppermint, rooibos creme caramel and darjeeling earl grey.

There’s even a chocolate flake tea and a popcorn tea on offer, too. By the time Christmas comes along, you’re bound to be a tea connoisseur!

Wine Advent Calendar

wine advent calendar

Any lover of wine is going to need this (Credit: Prezzybox/ Getting Personal)

Price: From £69

If you love nothing more than settling down with a glass of wine after a long day at work, then this is the advent calendar for you.

Available on various gifting websites including Prezzybox and Getting Personal, the Wine Advent Calendar is packed full of 24 mini 187ml bottles of wine to enjoy as you count down the days until Christmas, with red, white and rosé to sample along the way.

This advent calendar is a great way to broaden your repertoire when it comes to vino, as there are bottles from around the world, and they each come with tasting notes, too. Featured wines include Hacienda Calidad Malbec, Waters Edge Chardonnay and Altaria Sauvignon Blanc, to name but a few.

It’s also a great way to stock up the drinks cupboard in the run-up to Christmas. Plus, if you buy it for a friend, they may just share the contents with you…win, win, right?

Fortnum and Mason Feasting Advent Calendar

fortnum and mason food advent calendar

It doesn’t get fancier than Fortnums (Credit: Fortnum and Mason)

Price: £200

We had to end it on something fancy, didn’t we?

Fortnum and Mason’s Feasting Advent Calendar is an investment, there’s no denying that, but if you are looking to pull out all the stops for your food obsessed loved one then this is just about as special as it comes.

This 2022 food advent calendar is basically a combo of all of the above. It’s filled with teas, biscuits, chocolates and confectionery as well as condiments and even booze. Needless to say, all the products are top tier, too.

Not only is this advent calendar the ultimate treat, it’s also a great way to stock up the cupboard in the run-up to Christmas. That is, if you can save any of the products for that long!


Fill your advent with as much delicious food and drink as possible (Credit: Pexels)

So, there you have it…our list of the very best food advent calendars 2022 has to offer. Of course, there are loads more out there, so don’t let us stop you browsing further.

But whether you’re after a savoury advent calendar or one filled with booze, one thing is for sure – there’s way more to munch on than chocolate as we count down to Christmas.