Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Glastonbury festival food: the stalls not to miss in 2023


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Food at Glastonbury is some of the best you’ll see across the season, with stalls from everywhere in the country plotting up to showcase what they do.

Yup, the music might take centre stage, but with over 800 food trucks dotted around 1,100 acres of land, you don’t wanna sleep on the grub on offer at Worthy Farm, either.

With everything from burgers to pizzas to Yorkshire pudding burritos there’s truly and unequivocally something for everyone.

But where should you bother queuing for?

Food at Glastonbury

glastonbury festival food what to eat stalls

Not sure what Glastonbury food stall to start with? (Credit: Getty)

As is always the case, those at Glasto-HQ are keeping tight-lipped about who is making the journey down to the festival site to feed us this year, in order to maintain element of surprise.

But we’re planners here at Twisted, and we just couldn’t wait to find out the Glastonbury festival food on their lineup. So, we’ve done some digging and got the tea on a few of the best.

Here are some of the standouts you don’t wanna miss if you’re looking for some food at Glastonbury:

Anna Mae’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

glastonbury festival food anna maes mac n cheese

Anna-Mae’s mac n cheese is a Glastonbury institution (Credit: Anna-Mae’s Mac N Cheese)

Friend of Twisted, Anna-Mae needs no introduction. If you’ve not heard of her we can only assume you’re a festival novice, as she’s parked up at pretty much all of them every summer.

The idea for Anna-Mae’s stall came after she and her partner Tony fell in love with US BBQ food and the “cultural mish-mash” of flavours whilst travelling. They’re one of the first to bring American mac ‘n’ cheese to the UK, and they’re damn good at it, too.

Some of their big hitters from the years gone by include The Annie Mac (a classic macaroni in a three-cheese sauce) and The Spicy Juan (macaroni cheese with chipotle, pickled red jalapeños and sour cream, blue corn chips and coriander). Oooft.

Don’t miss ’em.

Chip Off The Block

glastonbury festival food cheesy chips

If you want cheesy chips, head to Chip Off The Block (Credit: Chip Off The Block)

There’s a lot of competition on the chip front at Glastonbury, but trust us, these guys are up there.

Chip Off The Block serve triple cooked cheesy chips that are crispy on the outside and fluffy as can be on the inside, with two award winning Montgomery’s melty cheeses scattered on top.

We’ve had enough soggy festival chips in our lives to know that a dud batch can be bitterly disappointing – but trust us, these guys promise the absolute antithesis of that.

If all you fancy is chips all weekend then let it be these ones.

Goan Fish Curries

glastonbury festival food what to eat stalls goan fish curry

Grab a fish curry if it’s the last thing you do (Credit: festivals/earth_pig / Goan Seafood Company)

This food stall is one of Glastonbury’s landmark stops – ask any veteran and they’ll probably count it as one of their faves.

From The Goan Seafood Company, the stall uses fish caught fresh off the coast of Cornwall and packs it into a spicy, warming curry served with rice that’ll kick you back into gear after a few days on the sauce.

If you’re up in time, pop there for breakfast and try their kedgeree, too.

These guys return every year for a reason…

Only Jerkin’

glastonbury festival food only jerkin

Oh yes, that’s jerk gravy (Credit: Only Jerkin)

Only Jerkin is serving up fried chicken with Caribbean flavours, and promises “lip smacking flavours and music” – what more could you ask for, ey?

Inspired by traditional family recipes which they’ve given a modern, street-food twist, Only Jerkin marinate their chicken for 48 hours before triple dipping it in flour a signature batters (made with ginger beer and cream soda), and their offering is crispy and tender as a result.

Visit for their fried jerk chicken nuggets and we guarantee the optional jerk gravy will have you returning to this stall over and over again.

The Duck Truck

glastonbury festival food what to eat stalls the duck truck

The Duck Truck isn’t to be missed (Credit: Instagram/The Duck Truck)

Sick of bog standard chicken burgers? Looking for something a little different?

The Duck Truck – unsurprisingly – specialises in all things duck, and they’re pretty confident that they’re cooking up the best bird-based food that Worthy Farm has to offer.

We’re talking everything from crispy rotisserie duck wraps, duck salads, confit duck leg and shredded duck served in brioche buns…

A favourite across the festival scene, these guys offer a variety of hearty and healthy options to fill your stomach after a long day. They’ve got clout for a reason, and we’ll be surprised if you don’t have to battle the queues to get your hands on their grub.

The Jolly Hog

glastonbury festival food what to eat stalls the jolly hog

The Jolly Hog is on hand with plenty of meat (Credit: Instagram/ The Jolly Hog)

You might have spotted The Jolly Hog products in your local supermarket, but they’re on the festival scene, too.

With smoky sea salt hot dogs, loaded pulled pork fries, umami packed beef burgers and black treacle bacon sarnies all on the menu, these guys are on site at Worthy Farm and ready to serve up a right porky feast that’ll obliterate your hangover.

A family run business which prides itself on using the best local meat, this brand has a reputation that precedes it, and they’re guaranteed to offer you a right good meal, too.

They’ll even be cooking the occasional hog roast if you come across them at the right time! Winner.

Hippy Happy Hoppers

glastonbury festival food what to eat stalls hippy happy hoppers

Get your five a day with a Sri Lankan curry (Credit: Instagram/ Hippy Happy Hoppers)

It’s not at every festival you can grab a plate of freshly cooked Sri Lankan curry… sides and all.

Offering mainly vegan and vegetarian options using local and organically sourced veg, this family-run stall is all about food that hugs your soul (and let’s face it, we all need a bit of that when camping at a five day festival).

The main event is their hoppers, which are a Sri Lankan dish similar to a crepe, made from coconut and rice flour and shaped like a bowl. Fry an egg in the middle and slop a glorious curry on the side and you’ve got yourself a meal and a half.

Rad Burger

glastonbury festival food what to eat stalls rad burger

Sometimes a big juicy burger is all you need (Credit: Instagam/Rad Burger)

Sometimes, at a festival, all you want is a burger so big you can barely fit it in your mouth.

Street-food legends Rad Burger are headed to Somerset, and they’re offering just that – perfect if you need a big feed.

They’ve got beef burgers, chicken burgers and veggie burgers ready to sling in a bun and into your hands, and they’re undoubtedly some of the best you’ll find this weekend.

Stuffed with meat, bacon, onion rings, slabs of halloumi and the likes of truffle mayo, these bad boys are messy, but they’ll certainly deliver.

Taste Tibet

glastonbury festival food what to eat stalls taste tibet

Taste Tibet’s momos aren’t to be passed off (Credit: Instagram/ Taste Tibet)

Dumplings, curries and noodle bowls are the offering from Taste Tibet, which is a trusty little food stall heading to Glastonbury this year.

From owner Yeshi Jampa, who was born and brought up in rural Tibet, they promise the dishes here are about “as authentic as they come this side of the Himalayas.”

A cuisine influenced by neighbouring areas like Nepal, China and India, Taste Tibet has a broad offering, with dal, vegetable and chicken biryanis and chilled sesame noodles all regularly hitting the menu.

But if you order one thing, make it their momos – Tibetan dumplings which you come stuffed with beef or veg. A real joy.

Mexican Seoul

glastonbury festival food what to eat stalls mexican seoul

Mexican Seoul offer Mexican Korean fusion (Credit: Instagram/ Mexican Seoul)

Mexican Seoul are also friends of Twisted. In fact, their founder, Ashley, launched the Mexican and Korean fusion joint for real after winning an award at Wing Fest, decided by yours truly.

This street food stall packs a serious punch, serving honey buffalo habanero and gochujang chicken wings as well as a bunch of tacos, filled with the likes of spicy pork belly and Korean slaw. Oooft.

Expect warmth, expect a chilli kick, expect Asian and South-American flavours blended together seamlessly.

Mexican Seoul is where you head at Glasto when your tastebuds need a refresh.

Featured image credit: Goan Seafood Company

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