The Hunger Stage: The food stalls you have to pay a visit at Glastonbury

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

At festivals, the music often takes centre stage, but nowadays, the lineup of food is almost as vast. When dancing, camping and getting by on very little sleep, we all reach that pivotal point of ravenous hunger, and once it hits there’s just no shaking it. Packed full of guides and interviews with music talent and food truck vendors, our new franchise, The Hunger Stage, celebrates the sheer joy of food at festivals in all its messy, greasy glory. 

Anybody who has been to Glastonbury Festival will know that it’s a world unto itself. With over 800 food trucks dotted around 1,100 acres of land, the music is just part of the story at Worthy Farm, and the variety of food and drink on offer is enough reason in itself to make the trip down to Somerset.

As is always the case, those at Glasto-HQ are keeping tight-lipped about who is making the journey down to the festival site to feed us this year, in order to maintain element of surprise.

But we’re planners here at Twisted, and we just couldn’t wait to find out what we were going to be tucking into in the coming days. So, we’ve done some digging and got the tea on a few of the food stalls at Glastonbury 2022.

From Chinese grub to vegan fast food to mouthwatering Mexican – here are some of the best food vendors to look out for at this year’s festival.

Club Mexicana

club mexicana glastonbury

Club Mexicana is bringing banging vegan Mexican food to Glasto (Credit: Club Mexicana)

If you haven’t heard us harping on about Club Mexicana before then where have you been? This plant-based Mexican stall isn’t just a pit-stop for those who don’t eat meat and dairy. If you like, bold, bright and punchy food inspired by the taquerias of Los Angeles and Mexico City, then this is the spot for you.

Look for a bright pink stall and a massive casino-style sign saying ‘VEGAN TACOS’ and you’ll know you’re in the right place. Then, you can tuck into everything from burritos, tacos and nachos when the Hunger Stage hits.

Word of advice: don’t sleep on the Cheezburger tacos if they have ’em – they’re a real game changer.

Only Jerkin

glastonbury festival food only jerkin

Oh yes, that’s jerk gravy (Credit: Only Jerkin)

Only Jerkin is also at Glastonbury, and well worth checking out.

Serving up fried chicken with Caribbean flavours, this food stall promises “lip smacking flavours and music” – what more could you ask for, ey?

Inspired by traditional family recipes which they’ve given a modern, street food twist, Only Jerkin marinate their chicken for 48 hours before triple dipping it in flour a signature batters (made with ginger beer and cream soda), and their offering is crispy and tender as a result.

Visit for their fried jerk chicken nuggets and we guarantee the optional jerk gravy will have you returning to this stall over and over again.

Yep, we just said jerk gravy. Don’t sleep on this joint.

Anna-Mae’s Mac N Cheese

glastonbury food anna maes mac n cheese

Anna-Mae’s mac n cheese is a Glastonbury institution (Credit: Anna-Mae’s Mac N Cheese)

Friend of Twisted, Anna-Mae needs no introduction. If you’ve not heard of her we can only assume you’re a festival novice, as she’s parked up at pretty much all of them every summer.

The idea for Anna-Mae’s stall came after she and her partner Tony fell in love with US BBQ food and the “cultural mish-mash” of flavours whilst travelling. They’re one of the first to bring American mac n cheese to the UK, and they’re damn good at it, too.

Expect fun twists on classic mac n cheese with quirky names to match. Some of their big hitters from the years gone by have been named after music legends, like The Annie Mac (a classic macaroni in a three-cheese sauce) and the Cheesye (formerly the Kanye Western, which is flavoured with additional smoked beef hotdog, BBQ sauce and crispy onion).

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more comforting than a big, rich, sloppy tub of mac n cheese when you reach the Hunger Stage. We’ll see you in the queue for this one.

Le Rac Shack

glastonbury festival food le rac shack

It doesn’t get fancier than a festival raclette (Credit: Le Rac Shack)

You know a festival has good food on offer when there’s even a raclette stall. Sod the ski resort, get your fix of Alpine street food at Worthy Farm.

Serving the very best melted raclette cheese from Annecy, near Lake Geneva, dolloped onto fries or spuds, there’s very little that can go wrong with this festival food concept.

Whilst we don’t know this stall’s Glasto menu yet, they usually offer the option to add gravy, cornichons, jalapenos and french sausage or chorizo. Yum.

What better than a big ‘ol plate of carbs when your tummy starts to grumble?

Chip Off The Block

glastonbury festival food cheesy chips

If you want cheesy chips, head to Chip Off The Block (Credit: Chip Off The Block)

There’s a lot of competition on the chip front at Glastonbury, but trust us, these guys are up there.

Chip Off The Block serve triple cooked cheesy chips that are crispy on the outside and fluffy as can be on the inside, with two award winning Montgomery’s melty cheeses scattered on top.

We’ve had enough soggy festival chips in our lives to know that a dud batch can be bitterly disappointing – but trust us, these guys promise the absolute antithesis of that.

So, when you fancy a batch of chips done right, might we heartily suggest heading here?

Da Ja Street Food

glastonbury festival food da ja street food

Glastonbury is also welcoming Da Ja Street Food (Credit: Da Ja Street Food)

Da Ja Street Food has also confirmed it will be pitching up at Glastonbury, offering up modern Asian flavours inspired by street food from the Far East.

Their festival menu is also under wraps ATM, but expect the likes of their Cantonese pork and prawn wonton parcels, halloumi fries with hot honey and the Konnichiwage dipping chicken burger.

Usually based in London, Da Ja is definitely one to check out if you’re at Worthy Farm this weekend – think all the best things about Asian food and fried chicken combined.

Dosa Deli

glastonbury festival food dosa deli

Dosa Deli is also parking up at Glasto this year (Credit: Dosa Deli)

Dosa Deli have also confirmed they’re at Glasto this year, offering up the South Indian delicacy to the masses.

In case you haven’t tried them before, dosas are essentially Indian pancakes made of fermented lentil and rice batter, and these guys do them damn well.

This truck is 100% vegetarian, and has been known to serve everything from banging onion bhajis to masala dosa and even quirky alternatives, like cauli cheese filled pancakes.

This offering is sure to fill you up when the hunger stage hits – that’s if you manage to eat it before your mates get their greedy hands on it.

We imagine a dosa this delicious won’t be around for long…

Worthy Farm Reserve Toasties

glastonbury festival food worthy farm cheddar toastie

This year, Worthy Farm toasties will be on offer too (Credit: Glastonbury)

If you really wanna get into the spirit of Glastonbury then why not grab a toastie made with their very own Worthy Farm Reserve cheddar?

You couldn’t get more on brand than that…

You may well have tried Glasto’s cheddar after picking it up in your local Co-op, and if you have you’ll know it’s the real deal, reared at Worthy Farm with the help of Somerset family cheesemakers, Wyke Farms.

So, jammed between two slices of bread we can pretty much guarantee these toasties won’t be one to miss. Eat like Michael Eavis and make sure you grab one of these when the hunger hits.