International Women's Day: Inspiring women team Twisted are celebrating this year

08 Mar 2024



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We're sure we don't need to tell you how many amazing women are killing it in the food world right now.

Whilst some have defied the odds and risen to the top of an often macho, male dominated restaurant industry, others have taken their own paths to success, whether that's building a presence online, releasing cookbooks or bossing it on the supper club scene.

To mark International Women's Day, we asked each member of team Twisted, from the chefs to the videographers, to shout out a woman in food who is doing amazing things.

Of course, the list could be much, much longer, but we think these lot are worth having on your radar – now, and every day...

Meredith Hayden (Wishbone Kitchen)

Meredith Hayden runs account Wishbone Kitchen (Credit: Instagram/ Wishbone Kitchen)

"Meredith Hayden, also known as Wishbone Kitchen, is one of my favourite content creators.

"She gained a following on TikTok sharing her life as a private chef for a family in the Hamptons for the summer. I love how personal and informal the majority of her content is, aside from the fact that she’s an incredible chef.

"Her food is accessible but innovative - I love her chicken and ginger ‘swamp soup’ and her crispy buffalo chicken thighs.

"She’s inspired a whole wave of cooking creators sharing more of their lives than exclusively their recipes, and I love that! Definitely give her a follow, especially if you enjoy an insight into the life of a private chef!" - Spencer, Senior Twisted Food Producer

Asma Khan

Asma Khan is founder of Darjeeling Express and appeared on Chef's Table (Credit: Twisted/ Darjeeling Ldn)

"A woman who I think is an incredible figure in the food space is Asma Khan. She's founder of London restaurant Darjeeling Express, author of cookbook Ammu and you may have seen her on Netflix's Chef's Table.

"We've created content with her before at Twisted as part of our series, Chefs Making Snacks (you can find our interview with her here!), and to hear her story of being the second daughter in Kolkata, a culture which traditionally favours males, was really moving.

"Then, to see how she has built her own cooking empire that heroes women - calling her all female team 'cooks' and reclaiming that phrase to be more powerful than the typically male 'chef' - is incredible.

"It cements her as someone I'll always think of as inspirational." - Alice, Lead Creative Producer

Jodie Strang

Jodie Strang has just started The Eighty Six - a dining event for hospitality workers (Credit: The Eighty Six)

Jodie Strang, my friend and absolutely amazing human being, is also the Queen of the kitchen.

"From meeting her as new chefs at the Coal Office in London Kings Cross, Jodie has come and gone from the food industry, but is now here to stay.

"Also having worked in Fallow and Spring Ldn, Jodie went on to pursue her dream of running her own nights, and started 'The Eighty Six' - a community to bring together those who work in hospitality.

"Her supper clubs are a place for chefs to take respite from demanding hours and for those in the industry to demonstrate their creativity with food, dining and hosting. She's the best, and her ideas are even better - can't wait to see what the future brings for Jodie!" - Ori, Twisted Food Producer

Marion Grasby

Marion Grasby is a popular Australian food personality (Credit: Marion's Kitchen)

"Coming from Australia myself, Marion Grasby has left an indelible mark on not just my love of cooking and food but also the culinary landscape of Australia.

"After being eliminated from Masterchef Australia 2010 (the show's best season by the way!) Marion's passion for sharing her heritage through food led her to establish Marion’s Kitchen, a massive food empire that introduced Thai-style cooking to everyday Australian households.

"She made the cuisine it accessible and beloved with cookbooks (Always Delicious, Just as Delicious and more), social media content and curry paste meal kits in stores.

"With her expertise and charm, she is my go-to for south east asian flavours and techniques." - Harry, Videography Manager

Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama's a vegan food creator and cookbook author (Credit: Instagram/ Rachel Ama)

"Someone I find really inspiring in food is Rachel Ama. I don’t follow many vegan chefs, however I love her recipes. She takes the flavours from Africa and the Caribbean that are usually associated with meat and creates something amazing with it.

"I had a chance to film her and her mum for a campaign Twisted did with Knorr. In this video, she took a childhood dish her mum made – a West African vegetable stew – and revamped it in her own style.

"She is doing big things in the industry. Two cookbooks (One Pot: Three Ways and Vegan Eats), amazing content on Youtube and a huge profile other social platforms, too. Plus, she's a long time friend of Twisted and Twisted Green. You can read our interview with her here!

"Not only is Rachel making vegan switches easy and accessible, she's also showcasing some amazing African and Caribbean dishes that are worth devouring whether you're plant-based or not." - Marcus, Lead Videography Manager

Xueci Cheng (Chill_Crisp)

Xueci Cheng runs Chill Crisp social media page (Credit: Chill_Crisp)

"The gateway to my interest in regional Chinese cuisine and flavours was definitely the food of Sichuan, so my recent discovery of Xueci Cheng’s account, @chill_crisp, means that it’s all I can now think about.

"It’s so legit. As informative as it personal, and nostalgic too, it draws you in with delicious recipes and teaches you something in a direct, no-nonsense manner - a pretty good combo.

"I’ll be diving into her Substack ASAP." - Tom, Founder and Creative Director of Twisted

Molly Baz

Molly Baz is a NYT bestselling cookbook author (Credit: Instagram/ Molly Baz)

"I watched Molly a lot when I first started becoming seriously interested in food, and loved her fun and accessible approach to cooking – a hobby which I think can often be quite elitist.

"I really respect how she spoke out in solidarity with her colleagues when there was controversy over pay at Bon Appetit, and chose her morals over her job.

"Since then, her career trajectory has deservedly gone from strength to strength, with the release of two critically acclaimed cookbooks (Cook This Book and More is More) and the creation of her own food community “The Club”.

"I think she's a great example of believing in your own abilities and staying true to your convictions, and of course she's also a fantastic cook!" - Matt, Senior Edit Manager

Cailee Fischer (Caileeeeats)

Cailee is a support to many people managing their PCOS through food (Credit: Instagram/ caileeeeats)

"Cailee Fischer is a food and lifestyle blogger who goes by the name @caileeeeats on Instagram and TikTok.

"She shares recipes for people with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) - a condition affecting between eight and 13 percent of women and those with ovaries, at reproductive age.

"One of the symptoms of PCOS can be weight gain, and it can also affect skin and body hair growth. However, Cailee's recipes don't lean into toxic diet culture tropes, and encourage people to eat healthily but not to fear carbs or cut out any food groups.

"She makes the condition less scary for women and has a really educational approach to her videos which helps you feel empowered in managing your condition rather than feeling you have to make sacrifices." - Lauren, Senior Edit Executive

Marie Mitchell

Marie Mitchell's new book Kin is a must (Credit: Instagram/ Marie Mitchell)

"Marie Mitchell is a genuine inspiration, and a chef I had the absolute pleasure of working with on Twisted competition series, Sandwich Goals, back in 2022. She's co-founder of Island Social Club, a hugely popular Caribbean supper club, and has a real drive to understand and celebrate the food from her Jamaican heritage.

"She talks about cooking with palpable love and appreciation, inspiring connection and conversation around dishes that have a rich and fraught history.

"It's easy to get swept up in a conversation with Marie about food, cooking, feeding friends and the power of food to transcend generations.

"Also I wanna plug her new book 'cos it looks incredible and she's worked SO hard on it, so go and buy Kin!!" - Mia, Twisted Green Brand Lead

Spasia Dinkovski (Mystic Burek)

Spasia is bringing North Macedonian burek to London (Credit: Instagram/ Mystic Burek)

"I met Spasia filming (weirdly) a chewing gum advert for Twisted in the middle of lockdown.

"With her unique beautiful bureks filled with all sorts of delicious things (Taleggio and truffled greens; pickled peppers, spinach and feta) and deep affinity with her North Macedonian roots it was love at first sight.

"I’ve watched her burek empire grow and grow – from selling them on a trolley to bricks and mortar spot of her own. I really admire how she's made London fall in love with the food of heritage, but also isn't afraid to put her own spin on things.

"Still have yet to visit her new shop in Sydenham, but I can't wait to go! The reception looks like it's been amazing so far." - Hugh, Lead Twisted Creative Food Producer

Noor Murad (Noorishbynoor)

Noor Murad worked in Ottolenghi's test kitchen for many years (Credit: Instagram/ Noor Murad)

"I've had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing women in food and Noor Murad is one of those chats that'll stay with me.

"The Bahraini-born chef was head of Yotam Ottolenghi's test kitchen for seven years, she's developed recipes for Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley's Falstain as well as Ottolenghi's Flavour, authoring Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Shelf Love and Extra Good Things!

"Noor believes you can make basic, store cupboard ingredients special by adding a 'flavour bomb' or two - be it a fiery hot sauce in a chicken soup, everything bagel seasoning on a potato rosti or pickled onions on basically anything.

"I make the cheesy curried butter beans from Extra Good Things so often - like all her recipes, they're inspired.

"Since leaving the test kitchen Noor's socials have been a tribute to the foods of the Middle East - those beloved and lesser known. Whatever Noor does next, I'll be rushing to support (and where possible, eat!)." - Joanna, Twisted Website Editor

Featured image: Twisted/ Instagram:Noor Murad


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