Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ramadan 2022: The best UK restaurants for Iftar and Suhoor


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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It’s the last week of Ramadan, but if you’re looking for the perfect restaurant setting to see in or break your last few fasts then let us lend a hand.

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is a time for fasting, prayer and reflection, but in order to get the most out of the holiday its also important to eat well in-between your fasts, which run from pre-dawn until sunset.

ramadan restaurants iftar suhoor

Two meals can be eaten during Ramadan – Iftar and Suhoor (Credit: Alamy)

That’s why Twisted has trawled reviews across the UK, to bring you some of the best Ramadan friendly restaurants offering food for Iftar (the evening meal that ends the fast) and Suhoor (the predawn meal to open the fast).

From the Halal restaurants near you that have extended their opening hours for Ramadan to those with special offers and menus to enjoy over the month, here’s our selection of the finest spots to open and close your fast.

Chaiiwala (Nationwide)

ramadan restaurants iftar suhoor

All-day Desi Breakfast is on the menu for Suhoor at Chaiiwala (Credit: Instagram/ Cahiiwala)

Chaiiwala doesn’t just offer delicious and inexpensive food and drink, but several of its branches also open into the early hours of the morning over Ramadan, for those who are looking for something substantial to eat for Suhoor, before the fast begins.

Food on offer includes the all-day Desi Breakfast, which features an omelette, spicy beans or daal, roti and a karak chai, to keep you full and satisfied for the day ahead. You can also opt for an omelette wrap, and if you’re visiting for Iftar, be sure to check out the street-food menu, too.

The Indian street-food brand has several branches in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry and Leicester, to name just a few. Check the store locator if you’re wondering, ‘is there a Chaiiwala near me?’.

Lebanese Bakery (London)

ramadan restaurants iftar suhoor

Lebanese Bakery is serving Iftar feasts (Credit: Instagram/ Lebanese Bakery)

Lebanese Bakery is found in London’s Covent Garden, and also has a branch in Harrods. They have something for your Iftar however hungry you are, from mouajjanet (Lebanese light bites) to traditional Lebanese flatbreads to salads.

In honour of Ramadan, the restaurant is also offering guests a complimentary glass of lemonade and dates when they come for a three course Iftar feast. How nice.

Plus, if you can’t make it down to either branch, locals can order a spread to break the fast on Deliveroo, too. Result.

Alam Restaurant (Birmingham)

ramadan restaurants iftar suhoor

Alam is open until 4am so that Muslim customers can open their fast (Credit: Instagram/ Alam Restaurant)

A hidden gem in Birmingham, Alam Restaurant has special Ramadan hours for restaurant dining, opening from 7.30pm until 4am, to ensure Muslim customers can eat when they need to.

If you’re visiting in the early hours, the restaurant is offering breakfast items like avocado on toast and a Full English, whilst for Iftar there’s everything from curries to grilled meats and burgers, depending what you’re in the mood for.

The spacious, modern decor also makes this a particularly good spot to open the fast with your loved ones and spend quality time together, in the true spirit of Ramadan.

MyLahore (Nationwide)

ramadan restaurants iftar suhoor

Those in the North and Midlands need to head to MyLahore (Credit: Instagram/ MyLahore)

British Asian restaurant MyLahore has you covered this Ramadan if you live near one of its out-posts, in Bradford, Leeds, Birmingham or Manchester.

It’s open from 6pm until 11pm for Iftar, with a Halal menu featuring literally everything you could be craving from across Europe and Asia. We’re talking samosa chaat, traditional curries, seafood platters and paninis, wraps and salads. The offering might be big and varied, but they know how to master it all.

MyLahore also has you covered should you want their food for Suhoor, or for an Iftar at home. Whilst they aren’t open into the early hours, they have a sharing box on sale which you can order online straight to your door, to be eaten on your own schedule.

Each box serves five people, and comes with starters, mains, desserts and more, chilled and ready-to-heat.

The Great Chase (London)

ramadan restaurants iftar suhoor

It’s all about elevated modern British food at the Great Chase (Credit: Instagram/ The Great Chase)

The Great Chase, in London’s Clerkenwell is a fully Halal, modern European restaurant serving elevated British fare – and they’ve got a Ramadan menu for Muslim guests visiting throughout the month.

The Iftar spread comes with sourdough and dates to break the fast, and then a starter, main course and pud, alongside a choice of sides. Options include crispy lamb tacos and a pan seared King Oyster mushroom, a glazed chicken thigh or haddock. Plus, there are alcohol-free cocktails on hand, too.

The restaurant is encouraging booking in advance for Ramadan.

House Of Chai (Manchester)

ramadan restaurants iftar suhoor

Expect picture perfect food at House Of Chai (Credit: Instagram/ House of Chai)

With a mixture of English and Desi dishes, Manchester’s House Of Chai is opening until 4am for Suhoor and will also be offering up an Iftar menu, so that customers visit them to open or close their fasts.

A memorable place to eat with your loved ones, expect neon lighting, flower walls and pink errrywhere.

On the Iftar menu, there’s everything from a buttermilk chicken burger to a slow-roasted lamb shank, whilst the Suhoor menu features a Desi breakfast of spicy beans, chicken kebab, omelette and paratha, as well as a Full English, American pancakes and the likes of avo on toast.

Of course, there is also Chai tea on offer (as the name suggests).

ramadan food

It’s common to break your fast with a date (Credit: Alamy)

Whether you’re one to feast at Iftar, or eat sparingly and save yourself for Suhoor, we hope the meals you have left are utterly-delicious and keep you going throughout the final stretch of fasting.

The days of Ramadan 2022 are numbered, but that’s all the more reason you should make the most of every one you have left.

Wherever you are in the UK, from London to Manchester, there are plenty of Ramadan friendly restaurants with offers available from sunrise to sunset, to cater to you and your loved ones throughout this special month. Ramadan Kareem everyone!

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