Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

People are only just realising why McDonald’s Coke tastes different


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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It’s commonly claimed that McDonald’s Coke tastes better than the normal stuff – but why?

When you compare a Maccies Coca Cola to one you buy canned in a shop, or even a Coke from another restaurant, there’s no denying it tastes different.

It’s somehow sweeter and has just the right amount of fizz…

But many people don’t know the reason why a Maccies Coke always hits the spot. Let’s get into it.

Why does McDonald’s Coke taste better?

It turns out there are very small and seemingly insignificant factors that make McDonald’s Coke taste better.

It can be as simple as the containers the drink is stored in, and even the type of straws given to customers.

1) No premixing 

One of the reasons McDonald’s Coke tastes better is because the syrup and sparkling water in it aren’t pre-mixed.

Ranker explains that the two ingredients are sold to Maccies chains separately, and are then mixed together when they’re poured, but not before like when you drink Coke from a can.

This leads to a boost in the drink’s sweetness and fizz, and ultimately makes it taste fresher.

2) Perfect syrup levels

Another winning factor is the fact McDonald’s goes to great lengths to standardise syrup levels, with each small Coca Cola containing 40 grams of sugar.

They also ensure that they set “the ratio of syrup set to allow for ice to melt,” (something other restaurants don’t do).

mcdonalds coke taste better different why

It’s a well known fact that McDonald’s Coke just hits different (Credit: McDonald’s)

3) Pre-chilling the syrup 

Maccies also keeps the syrup pre-chilled. In comparison, other restaurants may just use the dispenser to chill water whilst its lukewarm.

McDonald’s uses tubes which are specifically insulated so that the water is delivered at temperatures just above freezing, according to Business Insider. 

The University of California, Santa Barbara, found that CO2 escapes more quickly as soda warms up, so the colder the syrup the longer the drink is fizzy. Result!

That’s one of the reasons why McDonald’s Coke tastes different – particularly very carbonated and crisp.

4) The packaging of the ingredients

Coke and McDonald’s have had a working relationship for over 70 years, and this has benefited McDonald’s Coke offering, too.

“Over the years, the companies created a system for the delivery and production of Coke’s sodas at McDonald’s restaurants,” The New York Times reported.

“At other restaurants, Coke syrup is delivered in plastic bags. But for McDonald’s, Coke delivers its syrup in stainless steel tanks that ensure its freshness, creating what many believe is the best Coca-Cola available.”

mcdonalds coke taste better different why

McDonald’s has a lot of measures to ensure it’s selling the best Coke (Credit: Getty)

5) The straws

Who knew that a straw could also be behind why McDonald’s coke tastes different, too?

According to McDonald’s, their straws are “slightly wider than a typical straw, so all that Coke taste can hit all your tastebuds.”

Pretty clever, huh?

6) Regular refills 

One of the most obvious reasons McDonald’s Coke tastes so good is because the ingredients in its machines (CO2, water, syrup and ice) are refilled more often than many other eateries.

This means you’re often going to get a Coke that is fresher than you can find elsewhere.

7) Filtered water

Water filtration is another key reason McDonald’s Coke differs in taste.

“In order to ensure our drinks are always meeting a gold standard, we filter all the water before it enters fountain dispensers,” McDonald’s explains.

We don’t have details on which other chains filter the water going into their fizzy drinks, and it’s certainly likely that several do.

However, doing so is definitely gold standard.

mcdonalds coke taste better different why

Coke tastes different wherever you order it out (Credit: Getty)

Of course, another reason Coke might taste particularly good at McDonald’s is because it simply compliments the food on offer.

Is there much better than a Big Mac and a Coke? We’d argue it’s up there with the greats.

Featured image: Getty

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