Five new potential Kit Kat flavours have “leaked”, including Cherry Cola and Chocolate Creme Pie

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As we leave behind the ignominious noughties and teens and enter the (hopefully) roaring twenties, it’s only right that we should party. Of course, every industry will have its own way of celebrating. But for food, it’s an excuse for brands to really let their hair down and go totally nuts in the name of a new decade. By the looks of things, one big name is already out of the OTT blocks. 

According to multiple media outlets, beloved chocolate wafer specialist Kit Kat is allegedly plotting to drop five extremely bizarre flavours at some point in the next 12 months. The new flavours, which are yet to be confirmed by the brand, have supposedly been identified by a series of leaks provided to prominent Instagrammers. It might be mysterious, but the rumours are certainly delicious. 

The first source for four of the new Kit Kat varieties is Instagrammer @markie_devo, who posted an intriguing photo featuring “Cotton Candy”, “Cherry Cola”, “Orange Creamsicle” and “Chocolate Cream Pie” bars on Monday. Providing a little more information in the caption, the social media user wrote:

“Hey you, I heard you like snack leaks, and so did @walmart . Recently Walmart leaked 4 possible 2020 flavors of @kitkat . The flavors are Cotton Candy, Cherry Cola, Orange Creamsicle and Chocolate Cream Pie. I have mixed feelings here, but I’m damn sure excited for Cotton Candy and Choco Cream Pie mmm?..Which one of these would you like to get your hands on??For now sit tight more info coming soon.”

As if these four potential flavours weren’t exciting enough, news of a mysterious fifth was also provided by a second Instagrammer, @junkfoodleaks, who wrote:

“In the spirit of giving and all things cranberry sauce, it seems like a great time to show you yet ANOTHER Kit-Kat gem coming to the US as a limited release — apple pie!”

Again, this flavour, which has already proved popular in Japan, is yet to be formally confirmed by Kit Kat, but the fact that it already exists should make its appearance more likely. As for the rest, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for something tasty.