Former chef becomes millionaire by sharing fitness photos on Instagram

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A former chef has become an Instagram star, after swapping pots and pans for dumbbells and the squat rack.

Jem Wolfie, who hails from Perth in Western Australia, boasts 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and claims that she can make up to $30,000 a day by selling photos and videos on the subscription website, OnlyFans.

But it’s been quite the journey to get to there. After leaving high-school, and undertaking an apprenticeship, the now-27-year-old started working 70 hours a week as a chef. However, she gradually grew tired of this and started pursuing her love of basketball, ending up playing for the Western Australia Basketball League (WABL).

Unfortunately, her career was cut short in 2015 after she suffered a serious knee injury.

During her rehabilitation, she started posting short videos online, and was surprised at how popular they proved to be. Now, four years later, she has a sizeable following – still shares videos of her basketball skills – and most importantly, she’s making more money than she ever has before.

“I started posting a lot of workout videos on Instagram, not only to motivate myself to get better and work out more often, but hopefully to inspire others to do the same,” she told Perth Now. “There are a lot of squats, I know what my audience wants to see. You can never skip leg day.”

“I could have always been just a fitness chick but I had to stand out and be different, plus I was always passionate about basketball, so that was always going to be a part of my social media.”

Wolfie was quick to clarify that she does not share nude snaps on her OnlyFans profile, asserting that she feels “empowered” by her choices.

“People complain and say ‘Where’s the nudity’, but where are you going to go from there – you’ll be in full-blown porn before you know it,” she continued. “I guess how I look on the outside has helped my career a lot, I can’t deny that. But I have a line for OnlyFans and I have a line for Instagram because I believe that there’s a certain amount that should never been shown, and I keep that for a potential partner I’d be with.”

“Anyone who tries to make me think I’m being exploited or objectified is so f*cking wrong, that’s not how it is because I’m empowered and I’m the one making these choices with a strategy in mind.”

According to the founder of the platform, Tim Stokely, the influencer has become OnlyFans’ most popular figure in recent weeks.

“Jem currently has the highest number of fans, with around 10,000 fans paying $15 per month to view her content,” he told the publication. “Because the content is exclusive compared to that on her Instagram, Jem has earned over $2,000,000 since joining OnlyFans in August.”

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The lives of influencers, eh?

This article originally appeared on fournine.net