French’s create a mustard ice cream for national mustard day

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

To many, mustard and ice cream might not seem like the most natural combination. Something that you’d usually serve slathered on a hot dog or alongside a steak isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you’re looking to compliment your chocolate flake. However, in a world where ketchup crisps and mayonnaise cake have worked their way onto the menu, the addition of yellow, vinegary soft-serve shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. 

As part of plans to celebrate National Mustard Day, iconic American condiment makers French’s have announced the release of a specially designed mustard-flavour ice cream. Created in collaboration with famous frozen brand Coolhaus, the new variety is available for a limited time only – appearing from August 1st and 2nd in New York City; and August 2nd-4th, and 9th-11th, in Los Angeles County – though whether there’s an audience for the unusual ice cream remains to be seen. 

In a press release from French’s, the brand revealed that they plan to serve the ice cream alongside a new pretzel cookie, which should compliment the balance of sweet and savoury. As part of an official statement, they wrote, “Today, French’s® announced the availability of a French’s Mustard Ice Cream just in time for National Mustard Day this Saturday. This limited-edition ice cream was developed with Coolhaus Ice Cream to bring together two all-American classics, ice cream and mustard, in a surprising yet delicious offering.”

Understandably, the unorthodox ice cream seems to have divided opinion. Staff at The Daily Meal gave the flavour mixed reviews, with many testers rejecting it out of hand. One disgruntled employee declared, “The initial taste is of cotton candy ice cream, but then the mustard hits you like a wrecking ball and you feel as if you’ve eaten a phantom hot dog.” However, others were less damning, with some claiming, “it’s not nearly as bad as you think.”

Whether or not mustard becomes the new vanilla remains to be seen. However, for adventurous ice cream fans, it’s obvious where the action is this summer. If you like the idea of cooling down with something spicy, then head to NYC and LA. If not, steer clear and stick to chocolate. It will certainly be less risky.