George Bush Is Delivering Pizza To The Secret Service Because Of The Government Shutdown

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

When the status quo starts to crumble, many of us might find ourselves doing things that would have been unimaginable when all was hunky dory. If, as we all expect, society does descend into a Mad-Max style free-for-all, those of us who have spent our youth musing over the efficacy of eating meat or whether the Oscar’s host is “woke” enough for the ceremony are going to have to learn some new skills pretty quickly. Fortunately, a former President is showing the world that even the most unlikely of us are capable of adapting to testing circumstances.

It has emerged this week that, in order to keep his security detail from going hungry, George W. Bush has resorted to drastic measures. In a powerful message on Instagram, POTUS 43 shared a photo of himself delivering pizza to some of the men and women who formed a part of his security detail as he called for politicians to come together and bring an end to the government shutdown currently crippling American politics.

In a caption underneath the photograph, former President Bush wrote that he and his wife, “are grateful to our Secret Service personnel and the thousands of Federal employees who are working hard for our country without a paycheck. And we thank our fellow citizens who are supporting them.” He went on to add that, “It’s time for leaders on both sides to put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown.”

The shutdown, which is currently the longest in American history, has been caused by President Trump’s refusal to compromise on $5.7 billion worth of funding for his so-called “border wall”, which Democrats and a majority of the US population do not support. As a direct result, several government departments, including some aspects of the secret service, are being forced to operate without pay, creating a dangerous situation across the country. Despite the obvious damage being done both politically and economically, Trump has said that he is “proud to shutdown the government” over border security.

Although the sight of a former President turning delivery boy might seem like a publicity stunt, the link between the government shutdown and food is actually much more serious than it may initially appear. Officials in the FDA have already made it clear that, if the crisis continues, checks on food safety may not be able to be carried out to a sufficient degree in order to guarantee public safety. As talks continue, the threat to food standards across the country will only grow.

George Bush is not the only person lending a hand to the estimated 800,000 government employees who suddenly find themselves unable to pay for food. Celebrities such as chef Jose Andres and comedian Stephen Colbert have already lent their support, while thousands of others have donated time and money to the cause. If it’s getting to the stage where retired premiers are doing more to help government employees than the current President, maybe it’s time to put walls to one side and seriously consider some alternatives.