Heinz has made baked bean and ketchup-flavoured cakes

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Everyone knows that condiments are awesome. Whether you have a burning for barbecue or a penchant for piccalilli, some sauces just make everything better. Well, almost everything. Some dishes are amazing just the way they are and have no business being drenched in dip. Cake is one such dish. However, one of the world’s leading condiment manufacturers have apparently failed to get this fairly obvious memo. 

In celebration of their 150th year, and their founder’s 175th birthday, Heinz have decided to do something incredibly daring with their signature sauces. Instead of offering them alongside the usual selection of savoury side dishes, the company have teamed up with British-based bakery to release a range of weirdly flavoured treats. These include baked bean and ketchup-flavoured cakes. Bean appetit.

In addition to beans and ketchup, the new range of cakes will also be flavoured with mayonnaise, salad cream and tomato soup, according to reporting by the Metro. The collaboration was teased by the bakery on their social media channels, where they wrote: 

“?Something very exciting is coming on Friday 11th October… It’s a very special cupcake collaboration with one of the world’s favourite food brands to celebrate their birthday. Do you know who it might be?”

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In addition to the cryptic message, Hummingbird also added that:

“Pssst! We will also be giving away 150 special flavour cupcakes from opening at our six London bakeries (1 cupcake limit per person, while stocks last). ?”

Reports suggest that after the 150 free cupcakes have sold out, customers will then be able to buy individual treats for £3.45. It might sound slightly terrifying on paper, but free cake is free cake. Some things are just too good to turn down.