Heinz set to launch “Mayochup” across the country this month

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The only thing better than covering your dinner in one condiment is having two on hand for the price of one. Now, thankfully, sauce specialists Heinz have announced that the UK is about to get a taste of one of the most iconic combinations ever created, causing supermarkets across the country to prepare their shelves for the company’s carefully crafted mayonnaise and ketchup hybrid, “Mayochup”. If mixing something gloriously messy out of multicoloured sauces is your idea of a good meal, dinner time is about to get a whole lot more exciting. 

After a successful trial in the US last year, Heinz have decided it’s high time that the UK got a taste of the action. Due to the name “Mayochup” being owned by another company in Europe, Heinz has been forced to rechristen its condiment “Saucy Sauce”. The contents, however, remain the same blend as in the highly successful American experiment, and feature an amalgamation of the company’s “Seriously Good” mayo and classic ketchup. 

According to a report in The Sun, “Saucy Sauce will be available exclusively at Tesco from August 23 and will cost £2.69 for a 400ml bottle,” making it a relatively risk free option for anyone wanting to expand their condiment cupboard. The newspaper also add that the sauce contains “1.5g of salt and 12g of sugar per 100g,” suggesting that, though it may be delicious, it might not be the healthiest option in the world.

Eagle-eyed condiment fans will be aware that the mayonnaise/ketchup combo isn’t the only example of Heinz thinking outside the box with their sauces. Following the runaway success of Mayochup, the company also released “Mayomust” – a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard – and “Mayocue” – a combination of mayo and barbecue sauce. Fans of mayonnaise-based dipping sauces will be hoping that there are still more unusual mergers on the horizon, both in the UK and abroad.