Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The Hunger Stage meets… Crystal Millz


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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The Hunger Stage is back, and this year it’s bigger than ever.

We’re popping up at festivals up and down the UK, playing games, and even sneaking backstage to chat with some of your favourite artists about all things festival food.

Yup, we’re firm believers that the food at music festivals doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves, and we’re on a great big mission to change that.

First up, we spoke to Crystal Millz – a rising star of the UK hip hop scene, responsible for hits like Next Up and Get You Off My Mind – straight after her main stage gig at Parklife festival in Manchester.

We chatted about what’s on her rider, her meal of choice at music festivals, and even invited her to invent the mashup dish of her dreams, in true Twisted style (watch out for our chefs’ take on that very soon).

crystal millz rapper parklife festival

Crystal Millz is our first guest on ‘The Hunger Stage meets’… (Credit: Getty)

The Hunger Stage meets… Crystal Millz

Twisted: What food would you pick to headline the Hunger Stage and why? 

Crystal Millz: “Nando’s. It’s not at every festival but we had it at Wireless and that’s my spot! Why would any festival not have a Nando’s? Why?! I go for quarter chicken, medium with PERi-PERi fries.

“It’s kind of plain but that’s what I like.”

T: What shouldn’t you eat at a festival?

CM: “Oooh it’s a tricky one! I’d say don’t get Maccies. Why you getting Maccies when there’s fried chicken? It doesn’t make no sense!”

T: At Twisted we’re all about fusion, if you could combine two festival foods together to create a mashup dish, what would that be?

CM: “They don’t have Jamaican spots [at many festivals] do they?! If Jamaican food and Nando’s came together, that would bang!

“Like curry goat and PERi PERi…. or jerk. Are you joking? Listen I know what I’m talking about.”

T: If you were a festival food item, what would you be?

CM: “I would be a hot quarter chicken… cos I’m hot. I’m that b*tch.”

T: What food and drink is on your rider throughout festival season?

CM: “Well, I actually always ask for Maltesers but they didn’t give me them today. Parklife, what’s going on? Where’s my Maltesers?

“They did get me my Henny [Hennessy cognac] so I’m good. Maltesers, Henny and water is all I need.”

T: Now onto music, who is the best person you’ve ever seen perform at a festival?

CM: “I’ve not actually been to bare festivals, but when I went to Wireless last year, I saw Cardi B and oh my she was going crazy.

“That’s the best performance I’ve ever watched live like that. That was incredible.”

T: If you had to camp with one music legend at a festival who would it be?

CM: “Nicki Minaj… Cardi I love you too but it had to be Nicki, baby!”

crystal millz parklife interview

Crystal Millz working the stage at Parklife (Credit: Getty)

T: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

CM: “I actually prayed before I went on stage. I went into a little car and I prayed and then I went out. I always try and pray.”

T: Has anyone thrown anything crazy at you whilst you were on stage? (bonus point if it’s a food item…)

CM: “No, but if they do I want it to be Nando’s! Let me eat that on stage. Throw me the Nando’s for real.”

T: What is the song you’re most looking forward to playing at festivals this summer and why?

CM: “Get Me Off Your Mind with Kairo [Keys], because that’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. So, to perform that with Kairo on stage… that is just amazing.”

Stay tuned for more interviews with music talent at festivals, plenty of lovely food chat and maybe even a recipe or two.

You read that right, Crystal, team Twisted is bringing your festival food mashup to life. BRB!

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