Hangin With: What do turkey farmers eat when they’re hungover?

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We’ve all grappled with the self-inflicted turmoil that a hangover can bring, and we all have our own culinary rituals to try and pull ourselves out of it. 

For some, the only answer is carbs, and plenty of them, too. Others will reach for the Nutribullet and attempt to drown their sorrows in a glass of blended greens, and then there are those who can only manage a Pot Noodle, if anything at all. 


What food do you reach for on a hangover?(Credit: Alamy)

Here at Twisted, we couldn’t help but wonder just how predictable everyone’s hungover meal really is. Would it be accurate to assume that all burger chefs crave the finest slab of meat, for instance, or do some nurture a secret McDonald’s habit, or even go against all their daily instincts and opt for a salad? 

In a bid for answers, this franchise will speak to groups of people from around the globe, and seek to discover if they have the same hankerings as their peers, or if hangover cravings really *are* different for everyone. 

First up we spoke to pizza chefs (and their answers might surprise you!) – but next, we thought it was only right to do a seasonal special…

What do turkey farmers eat when they’re hungover?

It’s Thanksgiving, so we couldn’t help but wonder, when a slightly sore-headed turkey farmer clocks off work for the day, do they go home and scoff their own produce, or do they see so many of the birds day to day that they can’t bare the sight of them anymore? 

Let’s face it, it’s a question you’ve probably never asked yourself – but we bet that now we’ve raised it you’re intrigued to know the answer…

With that being said, we spoke to a bunch of turkey farmers about what they eat when they’re hungover.

Nick Martielli, owner at Bluebird Dream Farm, New York

(Credit: Nick Martielli)

What’s your ultimate hangover food and why?

As time has gone by my hangover foods have evolved. But [these days] I always go for breakfast foods, no matter what time of day. 

[Before eating I always need] three aspirin and an espresso sweetened with pure, local maple syrup. Then, once the pain subsides I will definitely look to order food. No way am I going to cook for myself if I’m hungover. I only cook for others if I am compelled as a host, or if a parental role has been thrust upon me.

The “go to meal”  for me is three eggs over easy, with sausage – and it has to be good sausage – on buttered rye toast. 

PROTEIN, CARBS, SALT…that seals the deal. It’s comfort food. 

Looking back on all the hangovers over the decades, any comfort food would be good. Mom’s lasagna, meat loaf, pizza rustica style calzone pie, and desserts are nice, but the sugar is such a killer later on…”

Talk us through the set up? 

The setup is me being reclined and passively entertained by some sort of screen… on the couch with my lovely partner, Lynn and watching a really good film….maybe several films. 

Lynn and I have recently found great enjoyment just watching the turkeys run around the barn, or sitting on lawn chairs in the pasture while the turkeys strut by or peck our shoes. 

This has been a good wine drinking activity, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a good hangover activity as well. And it’s funny…but you’ve got me thinking about work hangovers as well as drinking hangovers. After a random 12 hour day during the season, the same reclined, passive entertainment scheme still applies..”

What is your dream Thanksgiving hungover snack? 

“Well, to be honest, there have been many post Thanksgiving hangovers, haven’t there? 

So, yeah man…nothing is better comfort food than leftovers. I’d make up a plate with turkey, stuffing, vegetables…gravy on everything…

HELL, if a replay of the entire meal is available, that’s what I’ll pop into a microwave and then watch the first four Alien movies or the entire Lord of The Rings quadrilogy…(including The Hobbit movies), until the food, or the hangover is gone.”

Kate Martin, owner of Treway Farm, Cornwall, and chairwoman of Golden Turkeys

(Credit: Kate Martin)

What’s your ultimate hangover food and why?

“My dream hangover meal is a good old British fashioned roast with Yorkshire puddings and lashings of hot rich gravy. It’s traditional here to have a roast on a Sunday so it is perfect if you’ve had a big Saturday night. 

There is something so comforting about a roast dinner, it’s got everything you need, good quality meat, lots of veg, crispy and fluffy roast potatoes and of course the gravy. I feel it is the perfect balanced meal to help soothe the soul and settle a sore head. 

As well as rearing turkeys for Christmas, we rear beef on our farm, so I love roast beef if we’re cooking at home. If I’m eating out I often go for lamb as we have it less often because we don’t farm it ourselves..”

Talk us through the set up? 

This would be eaten at our local pub sitting by a roaring open fire with the family. As this is a hangover meal, it’s always better if someone else is doing the cooking! We live in Cornwall and our local pub is exactly how a local pub should be – warm, welcoming with good quality home cooked food. 

Running a farm is a pretty full on job and there  isn’t much time off as there are always animals to be tended to and fed. So it’s so nice to have the occasional Sunday where someone else can do the cooking and you can just relax and chat with your family. 

Depending on how hungover you are, you might even indulge in hair of the dog. [In this case]  it would probably be a glass of merlot with my roast dinner.”

What is your dream Thanksgiving hungover snack? 

As I’m a Brit we wouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving but Christmas food can easily be compared.

My favourite [hungover snack] would be a leftover toasted turkey sandwich with melted brie and cranberry oozing out! 

We like to cook a really large turkey as it is one of those meats that works so well as leftovers. Our turkeys are raised to maturity and are twice the age of a standard supermarket turkey so the meat is very moist and doesn’t dry out – ideal for eating cold in sandwiches or reheated in a curry. 

For the sandwich, I like to use thick slices of white bread, pop in a couple of slices of turkey, loads of brie and cranberry and then I toast it on top of the aga for a couple of minutes until the cheese has all melted.” 

John Pacitto, worker at Ridcecrest Turkey Farm, New York

john turkey farmer

(Credit: John Pacitto)

What’s your ultimate hangover food and why?

”Fried Bologna. I prepare it in a frying pan with a slice of American cheese. The grease and the salt pair together perfectly with the soft white bread, and you can’t beat the crunchiness of the baloney when you fry it. 

You can cook it like a grilled cheese in about three minutes. It’s so satisfying and something quick to get in your stomach when you’re hungover.

You might also find me eating a Reese’s cheesecake, which I overpaid for on Facebook when I was drunk.”

Talk us through the set up? 

Morally I feel horrible but physically I will pull through. I am on my couch in my underwear with my dog – a German Shepard. 

Most likely also watching Netflix and clips of the ring doorbell to figure out if I drove home or not.”

What is your dream Thanksgiving hungover snack? 

“It has to be a hot turkey sandwich with french fries and gravy. I like the fact that it would be soft, so it won’t take too much effort to chew, and the saltiness of the french fries compliments the gravy really well, too. 

We already have all the ingredients  in the fridge [from Thanksgiving], so all I’d need to do it put that turkey in some bread, throw in some french fries from the freezer and warm up some leftover gravy from the night before.”