Just Eat discount codes: Check out all the best offers near you for April 2021

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Just Eat discount codes have undoubtedly made the last 12 months slightly less rubbish. Being stuck indoors is obviously terrible, but ready access to a steady supply of pizza definitely makes things easier to stomach.

If you’re anything like us, most of your financial resources will have been piled into eating. Fortunately, there is a way to make your takeaway habit less stressful on your wallet.

Just Eat discount codes Just Eat discount codes cover everything from pizza to sushi (Credit: Alamy/KeyWorded)

Just Eat discount codes

In order to help you justify that next takeaway splurge, we’ve pulled together some of the best Just Eat discount codes on the Internet.

These offers may be area-specific, so it’s worth checking whether they apply to your particular postcode. But that said, several of these deals don’t even require a specific code, so should be straightforward to redeem.

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Given this, there really should be something here for everyone. Here are our picks for the top 15 Just Eat discount codes and offers.

Just Eat discount code These Just Eat discount codes cover lots of different cuisines (Credit: Alamy/Atlas Studio)

40% local discount

Although this deal is not available nationwide, select restaurants offer up to 40% off with no code required. Enter your postcode to see if it applies.

Cheeky Tuesdays

While the offers may vary, Just Eat offers great Tuesday bonuses across the country. In most cases, this is a 20% discount on order over £15, so definitely check it out.

25% postcode discount

Another area specific offer, this deal can reduce local takeaways by a quarter. Enter your postcode to see if it applies to you.

50% off pizza orders

Nothing says Saturday night takeaway like a big box of pizza. Although no discount code is required, this offer is only available at select restaurants. Enter your postcode to see if you’re address is valid.

20% off sandwiches

Although it isn’t available nationwide, select postcodes can enjoy a huge 20% of sandwiches. If you’re looking for a discount lunch, this may be worth looking in to.

20% off Greggs

Greggs on delivery is already great, but it’s even better at a discount. Again, this offer is not available across the board, so check whether your postcode applies.

Burger King discounts

Like many major fast food brands, Burger King has several exclusive Just Eat offers. Enter your postcode online to see if any are available near you.

No Minimums

Minimum delivery charges are often a sneaky hidden cost to ordering. Fortunately, there are some Just Eat discount codes that remove this problem altogether, though you’ll have to check to see if they apply in your area.

£2.50 sandwiches

Sort out your lunch with this codeless offer from Just Eat. Use your postcode to see whether the offer applies in your area and enjoy!

20% Subway sale

£2.50 sandwiches is all well and good, but it’s not 20% off Subway. Again, customers should check their postcode to see if it’s in range.

40% off Papa Johns

Although this huge discount isn’t available nationwide, select customers can get up to 40% off at Papa John’s. Enter your postcode to see if you’re elligible.

Ben & Jerry’s Takeaway

Everyone knows what it’s like to crave ice cream and not have any in the freezer. Fortunately, with this no-discount-code necessary offer, you can get Ben & Jerry’s delivered straight to your door.

Discount Sushi

Yo Sushi is one of several sushi restaurants with offers on Just Eat. Enter your postcode to see what’s available in your area.

20% off kebabs

Kebabs are quintessential comfort food. Enjoy a delicious discount by checking to see if your postcode is applicable now.

£15 gift card

It’s all well and good enjoying free food for yourself. Sometimes it’s much more rewarding to share the love. Make a gift of a Just Eat voucher today to give someone £15 off their order. You’ll feel much better for it.

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After 12 months of takeaways being just about the only highlight in the week, you might be feeling slight takeout fatigue. After all, there are only so many pizzas you can have before they blur into one.

Fortunately, if you’re in dire need of a way to make takeaways exciting again, this list is the only place to look. Thank goodness for the sweet relief of discounted kebabs.