KFC are finally selling creamy mashed potatoes

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In Britain, KFC and potatoes have had a turbulent history. Though we’re all agreed that the combination of crispy chicken and 11 secret herbs and spices remains as beguiling as ever, the famous fried chicken chain has somehow never managed to crack the formula for tasty chips. While other franchises routinely provide crunchy, fluffy slivers of deliciousness, KFC’s fries often feel like they’ve been left in the sink somewhere under the washing up. This has always been immensely frustrating. However, if a new announcement is anything to go by, the brand are preparing for another, much more promising stab at the potato formula.

For the first time on British shores, KFC are abandoning their insistence on terrible chips, and are instead starting to offer customers the option of creamy mashed potato. Despite being a long-standing favourite across the Atlantic, the side dish has never been a permanent fixture on British menus. Now, in 2019, this situation finally looks set to change.

As of Monday, the new item has been appearing on menus across Britain and Ireland, and has even been given its own page on the company’s official website. Described as “Delicious creamy mash made with real potato, providing a lower calorie carb option,” the spuds are currently selling for £0.99 for a regular portion and £1.69 for a large. As a slightly healthier, similarly priced alternative, this places it in direct competition with the Colonel’s singularly terrible fries.

As ever when a major fast food franchise decides to update their menu, the internet’s reaction was about as measured as Walmart shoppers during a Black Friday sale. Twitter was full of enthusiastic responses to the news, with one user writing, “KFC now do mash and honestly my life has changed, I need to try it ASAP,” and another adding, “When did KFC start serving mash potato as a side? Thought this heavenly fluffy goodness was only stateside. #GameChanger”. Clearly, the news has had the desired effect of instigating mass fast food hysteria.

For anyone left inexplicably unperturbed by the mash news, the franchise have also released another low calorie side option. Beyond potato, customers can also get their hands on “mildly spicy” Southern Rice, which has also been described as a healthy alternative. Whatever your opinions on previous KFC side dishes, this summer looks set to be a turning point in the chain’s long, hitherto sad history of poor chicken accompaniments. It’s about time they got their act together.