KFC are offering couples a “bouquet de poulet” for Valentine’s Day

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

For some reason, society has decided that putting things in a bunch automatically makes them infinitely more romantic. The subtle gesture of a single rose or solitary tulip just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to sweeping gestures. If you’re giving something as a gift, you better make sure it’s big, bold and incredibly inconvenient to carry.

Fortunately, the ingenious marketing team at KFC have come up with a way to make bunches much more interesting for the average shopper. For the first time ever, the chicken giants are offering their customers the chance to treat their other halves to the ultimate in deep fried romance. Get ready to say “I love you” like never before with the brand new “Bouquet de Poulet”. Exhibited in a series of equally amorous and delicious photographs, the business’ new bunch of chicken is certain to ruffle some feathers this February 14th.

Not only does KFC’s new product feature the world’s sexiest language, but it also replaces traditional flowers – which are famously not very delicious – with tender pieces of signature chicken – which are almost always significantly tastier. According to a statement from the franchise, “the way to someone’s heart is through our Original Recipe chicken. Whether it’s for the one you love, a budding romance, or you just want to give your fried chicken-obsessed mate a gift, the Bouquet de Poulet has got your back this Valentine’s Day as the ultimate present.” It should certainly help spice things up, whatever the circumstances.

Anyone familiar with the Colonel and his work will know that the chain has a long history of inventive and often baffling product launches. Already this year, the company have offered a limited edition Colonel Sanders “bearskin” rug, complete with a plastic caste of the founder’s head. If you like your sitting room to be simultaneously fluffy and deeply disturbing, this is the perfect gift.

However, unlike the rest of their weird product range, KFC insist that the Bouquet de Poulet will not actually be sold in any of their stores. Instead, the business are hoping that couples will take inspiration from the few images that have circulated online and come into stores with the raw materials required to complete the job themselves. Recommended parts include bamboo skewers and cheap roses. Once in a restaurant, customers can get hints and tips from helpful KFC staff/chicken florists to come up with the ideal arrangement.

Despite the DIY caveat to the offer, there’s little doubt that the bouquet delivers a unique riff on Valentine’s Day tradition, making it perfect for anyone who’s feeling both romantic and very hungry. As many couples know all too well, it can be easy to accidentally slip into celebrating in the same old way, year after year after year. If a bunch of fried chicken in a KFC bucket vase guarantees one thing, it’s that the lucky recipient isn’t going to forget their big day in a hurry.