KFC fried chicken bucket Christmas baubles are now a thing

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Christmas is a season for stupidity. Maybe it’s all the shopping, the eggnog, or an unending chorus of Mariah blasting over retail speakers, but the human race buys some seriously daft things in December. No matter how justified all the tinsely nonsense might seem, come January you’re going to be left with a whole load of glitter and a massive bill. 

Credit: Pixabay/mikegi

Of course, as time goes on, brands are faced with the problem of customer fatigue. It’s hard to keep coming up with odd things that people actually want to buy, year after year after year. Often, the only thing to do is to be as outrageous as possible. Hence why, in 2019, shoppers can now get their hands on baubles shaped like a KFC chicken bucket. 

Created by the marketing team at Deliveroo, who obviously had far too much time on their hands, the poultry decorations are hand-painted to look like craggy pieces of chicken and come with their own blue bow for optimal hanging. Although food-focused Christmas decorations are nothing new, these surely take the proverbial biscuit. 

Watch As Guy Eats Only KFC For One Week:

Incredibly, the KFC bucket isn’t the only dish you can hang on your tree this year. Deliveroo has also created a wealth of other options, designed to show the range of restaurants on offer through the app. Included are a crunchy cali roll from YO!, a gyoza from Wagamama, a “Cheesy Bites” pizza from Pizza Hut, a burger from GBK, an “All Hail the Turkey” burger from Byron, a “Whopper” from Burger King and a “Purple Basil Pesto Genovese” from ASK Italian. Your tree could end up looking less like a Christmas centrepiece and more like a food pyramid. 

Unfortunately for eager fans, getting hold of the baubles, which are rumoured to cost around £34 at retail, is not a matter of turning up to Deliveroo HQ with the cash. As there are only 1,000 of the decorations, customers will have to order food from one of the participating restaurants and hope that they are randomly selected for a prize. All that means is you have an ideal excuse to get KFC delivered to your door.