KFC have added a new item to their secret menu and it looks incredible

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A few weeks ago, foodies everywhere were stunned to discover that KFC, one of the biggest fast food franchises on the planet, had been playing them for fools. After months of development, the chain unveiled an all new app. Ostensibly for making online ordering slightly easier, the feature is, on the surface, just like any of the other thousand and one fast food apps on the market. However, a team of dedicated chicken enthusiasts in Australia soon realised that there was a lot more to the service than met the eye.

According to The Daily Mail, a member of the The Discount Mum’s Facebook group realised that by dragging the screen down on the “order” screen, it’s possible to make a miniature pop-up Colonel Sanders appear. Repeat this process with your finger held down, and the cartoon will grow bigger and bigger. Eventually, the Colonel will vanish – replaced by KFC’s all new, top secret menu.

The “never-before-seen” menu includes several twists on classic KFC favourites; including the “Beese Churger”, a regular Zinger fillet burger, topped with cheese and mayo and served with the buns inverted; the “Zinger Chipster”, a zinger fillet wrap stuffed with French fries; and a “Slida Burger”, a low-carb sandwich featuring  Zinger fillet, smoky bacon, fresh lettuce, cheese and sauce, served between two flatbread buns. Predictably, the new treats sent the internet into meltdown.

As exciting as these first three additions to the secret menu undoubtedly, the headlines have been stolen in recent days by a new kid on the block. As of Tuesday April 16th, diners will be able to get their hands on a brand new “Kentucky Snack Pack” – a box of French fries topped with popcorn chicken and fiery hot sauce, all for only $4.95. As the description on the menu says, “it’s as good as it sounds”.

Speaking to celebrate the new item’s release, KFC Australia’s chief marketing officer Kristi Woolrych said, “It didn’t take long for fans to discover our Secret Menu, and we’re excited to give the country a sneak peek of the next item, the Kentucky Snack Pack.” She also implied that there may be more to come from the chain, adding, “Like The Colonel, we want to keep the rest of the items a secret, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled with new items are added every month so stay tuned.”

Unfortunately for international KFC fans, it looks like the new options will only be available to Australian customers. However, there have been some suggestions that the franchise may prepare the dishes for a wider release. The chain have said that “no one knows KFC better than our people! The best ideas were chosen to become part of KFC’s Secret Menu to be rolled out over the next year on the KFC app,” implying that a bigger promotion could be on the cards. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best.