KFC have launched a giant “Popcorn Chicken Slab” made of six sliders

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Despite terrifying wildlife and a very real risk of skin cancer,  Australia is awesome. Yes, every other animal is trying to eat you, and their house spiders are the size of small cats, but this is also a country where you can go skiing and sunbathing on the same day, and where an average bartender earns $50,000 a year. As I said – awesome. And, as befitting a nation as truly awesome as this, Australia has a fast food menu that puts the rest of planet earth to shame. 

Almost every franchise that sets foot on Australian soil seems to lose all sense of propriety and professionalism, and instead decides to embrace the glorious possibilities provided by the deep fat fryer. This is the country that recently advertised for a garlic bread taster. These people invented the bloomin’ onion (sort of). And now, their version of KFC has come up with a chicken sandwich the makes the Supercharger look like a Tesco meal deal. 

The chain’s new “Popcorn Chicken Slab” is a tapestry of six soft sliders, each stuffed with melted cheese, barbecue sauce and bite sized bits of beautifully seasoned chicken breast. Ideal as a tear-and-share, or as an gut-busting dinner for one, this colossus costs a whopping $9.95. It is, in every sense, epic. 

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Just like the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings, one does not simply walk into KFC and ask for a slab. Available as part of the oft-touted KFC secret menu, customers will have order the item via the fast food chain’s app under the ‘New Products’ tab before you (picking) it up in-store,” according to the Mail Online.

In addition to the slab, anyone ordering has the option to upgrade their selection by adding extra sides. The Mail Online reports that:

“…customers can order a slab as part of its ‘combo for two’ for $15.95, which includes two regular chips and drinks, or a ‘feast’ for $29.95, which comes complete with six tenders, six Original Recipe chicken, and two large chips.”

It might come at a premium, but this sound like the most exciting thing to come out of KFC since someone allegedly cracked the secret spice formula. Time to start saving for a flight down under.