KFC is now selling a Christmas dinner box meal with a Festive Burger and fries

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

On paper, substituting your roast turkey for a burger might sound like a pretty poor deal. If you were forced to rank all the amazing things about Christmas Day, dinner would have to come out somewhere near the top. Forsaking several thousand calories worth of stuffing, poultry and pigs in blankets for anything else would seem foolhardy in the extreme.

However, apparently determined to muscle in on the traditional turkey action, fried chicken experts KFC have unleashed a new seasonal special that may make you think twice before ordering your Christmas bird. 

In addition to a crispy original recipe fillet, the burger features a crunchy hashbrown, a slice of cheese, and lettuce, plus two seasonal sauces in the form of “sage and onion mayo” and a sharp cranberry dressing. Retailing for just £4.59 by itself, it certainly seems worth a try. 

Check out our recipe for a Twisted Christmas Dinner:

Anyone eager for more than a jazzy sandwich can also add the chain’s new “Festive Fries”, flavoured with a dusting of smoky toasted onions, pepper, garlic and herbs. For just £6.89 you can get your hands on the whole “Festive Burger Box Meal”, which pairs the new fries and burger with beans, a chicken drumstick and a drink of your choice. 

To make matters even more exciting, the whole meal can then be washed down with KFC’s new Mint Choc Krushem Soft Serve – a soft vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate, mint sauce, cookie crunch and a glittery chocolate mint bow tie. It might even be better than a Baileys on ice. 

Jo Tivers, who has been given the dubious title of Top Festive Elf at KFC UK & Ireland, described the new menu by saying, “A round of santa-plause for this epic festive feast please. We’ll let turkey have its moment on the 25th but until then, we’ve got your back.”

The new lineup will be available in restaurants until the 1st of January. It might be unorthodox, but KFC could well have unleashed a proper Christmas cracker.