KFC is offering 6 couples the chance to win a free fried chicken wedding for 200 guests

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If you like it, you can finally put a wing on it, courtesy of KFC. The fried poultry pioneers are offering six lucky couples the chance of a lifetime, by providing a fully catered fried chicken-themed wedding, for them and up to 200 guests. Forget churches and priests – you and your betrothed could soon be gently swaying inside a bucket-themed marquee to the tune of Elvis crooning “Love Me (Chicken) Tender”.

Despite being best known for their food, it looks like KFC are planning on having every aspect of the ceremony under control. As the franchise put it in a post accompanying the announcement:

“Along with getting to smash freshly cooked Kentucky Fried Chicken courtesy of the KFC Food Truck, the happy couple will also get a KFC-themed celebrant to make it all official, a KFC photo booth to capture those happy memories, custom KFC buckets and musical entertainment to get the first dance kicked off in true style.”

However, despite the exciting prospect of a presumably Colonel Sanders-style minister officiating your wedding, there are a few caveats to the offer. For starters, alcohol won’t be included, so unlike the food, KFC won’t be helping the guests to get battered. 

Watch – Reba Mcentire Becomes KfC’s First Female Colonel Sanders:

Secondly, successful couples will have to be committed to tying the knot by May 2020 and be happy to get married in Australia, since the offer is being made by the Colonel’s operatives down under. However, provided you meet the criteria and successfully submit a 200-word essay on why you should be accepted, the prize could well be yours. 

As part of the official press release, Nikki Lawson, managing director of KFC Australia, stated, “Over the years we’ve seen some amazing Facebook comments and have heard of some incredible proposals from fans taking place in our restaurants in Australia and around the world.” While it might not initially seem like the most romantic location on earth, it’s clear that KFC has an uncanny knack of getting the juices flowing.