KFC is selling a massive 80-piece popcorn chicken bucket

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Fried chicken fans are about to find themselves in bite-sized heaven, with the news that one of the biggest franchises on the planet has decided to raise the fast-food stakes for everyone. Gone are the days when a 20 McNugget Share Box was the pinnacle of late night poultry bingeing. Thanks to Colonel Sanders and his cronies, we can now buy buckets that have more pieces of popcorn than an Odeon bin liner. 


In a move that will infuriate rivals and delight chicken lovers, KFC has unveiled a brand new 80-piece popcorn chicken bucket in the UK. Retailing for just £5.99, the new item is cheaper than several of the restaurant’s big sellers, including their signature Zinger meal. Considering that it could potentially cater for an entire squadron of hungry diners/one insanely hungry clubber, that sounds like a pretty good deal. 


Unearthed on criminally underrated website Hotukdeals, the deal left some commentators completely stunned. Many were understandably excited at the prospect of a bucket of tiny chicken balls that’s this densely populated, while others were slightly more cynical. One wrote, “Do you have to wait ages whilst they count out 80 popcorn chicken?” while another suggested, “Someone needs to actually buy this and count. Then cause a fuss saying it’s false advertising when there’s less than 80pcs.” The news has clearly caused a stir. 


Although some diners have already sampled the goods, details of the deal itself are relatively sketchy. According to a tweet sent from KFC UK & Ireland’s official Twitter account, the brand are currently trialling the dish at “10 restaurants in Glasgow” in order to test whether it warrants a nationwide rollout. For now, it looks like the rest of us will have to keep our fingers crossed.  However, with plenty of delicious photographic evidence confirming its existence, the popcorn chicken bonanza is certainly worth getting excited about.