KFC is serving a fried chicken and glazed donut sandwich at select locations

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

You read that right. After years of faffing around with Zinger Towers and Chicken Legends, KFC have finally decided to give their fans the sandwich they deserve with an epic fried chicken and donut crossover. As of today, the franchise is testing its new “Chicken and Donuts” menu at select locations across Virginia and Pittsburgh. We’ve hit peak chicken, people. 

The limited menu allows customers to choose between baskets of chicken tenders or on-the-bone original recipe pieces with one or two donuts; or a fried chicken fillet glazed donut sandwich. Priced at $5.50 for one doughnut, $7.50 for two doughnuts, $6 for a sandwich and $8 for a combo meal, it looks like Eastern United States are about to be awash in sticky fingers and chicken seasoning.

As per Business Insider, a press release from the company claimed that the trial is a chance to “evaluate whether customers are craving chicken and doughnuts on a national scale.” Insider also add that franchise representatives have revealed that “the doughnuts will arrive at stores already cooked, and when a customer orders them, the doughnuts will be dipped in the fryers and glazed with a vanilla icing to ensure they are hot and fresh.”

Check out this recipe for cheese-stuffed fried chicken:

Despite the obvious awesomeness of a dish that serves a main and dessert simultaneously, online reaction has been fairly non-committal. One Twitterer wrote, “I’m not one to bang the drum with “clean eating” but this sounds absolutely horrendous,” while another added, “KFC wants us to die so badly.”

However, others were understandably intrigued by the dish, with several proposing a “road trip” to Virginia to check it out. While hopping across the Atlantic for a calorific sandwich may not be practical for us, we know which camp we’d rather be in.