KFC launch “I Love You Bacon” burger with three different types of bacon

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

For those who believe that no meal is truly complete until it has been covered in bacon, KFC may well have come up with their most glorious burger yet. Launching this month, the fried chicken chain’s latest creation features not one, not two, but three different types of bacon, all sandwiched between various layers of bun and bird. Clearly, the philosophy of “less is more” wasn’t welcome at whatever brainstorming session gave birth to this monster.

Dubbed the “I Love You Bacon Burger” by KFC’s extremely literal marketing department, the new item is all about excess. Built on a brioche bap base, the sandwich includes a piece of original recipe chicken, stuffed between two helpings of gooey American cheese. Unlike many other burgers, who at least give a cursory nod to the salad bar, there is not a leaf in sight. It has been assumed that customers will not be coming for lettuce. There is, after all, only one reason to by an “I Love You Bacon Burger”.

Given the lofty expectations of its title, the burger goes out of its way to place bacon front and centre. In addition to the double serving of cheese, customers also have to contend with two layers of crispy, oven-cooked bacon. This is supplemented by a generous dollop of creamy, salty baconnaise, as well as a smear of sweet bacon relish, providing a triple porky threat that promises to clog toilets and block arteries everywhere.

Some have called KFC’s timings into question, especially as an increasing number of rivals appear to be turning their backs on meat altogether – opting for a range of bleeding, plant-based alternatives. Addressing these concerns head-on, Marcus Buck, senior brand manager at KFC said, “Let’s face it, we’ve timed this burger badly. We’re launching the I Love You Bacon Burger in a year when unprecedented numbers of people are eschewing meat and embracing the aubergine. But for those bacon lovers that remain, this one’s for you. It’s so irresistibly tasty – try one before you turn vegan.”

Though the prospect of medically inadvisably quantities of bacon is undeniably tempting, there are a few important caveats to take into consideration. For starters, the sandwich will only be available in the UK, for a limited period of six weeks. This could mean a lot of impromptu British breaks for international franchise fans who feel like regular bacon-heavy options like the “Big Daddy” and “Bacon and Cheese” burger don’t quite cut it. Even if you happen to live in Britain, it’s not all good news. The creation comes with a hefty price tag of £5.39 – £6.39 if ordered as part of a meal – so it clearly doesn’t come cheap. However, KFC clearly believe that adding objectively disgusting amounts of bacon to their burgers means that most of us won’t be able to resist, whatever the cost. Unfortunately, they’re probably right.