Kinder Bueno bars are finally coming to the US

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Despite being one of the foremost confectionery manufacturers in the world, Ferrero’s relationship with the United States has had a surprising number of ups and downs. Though their chocolates have enjoyed an avid fan base for decades, unforeseen obstacles have always seemed to get in the way of an out and out American domination. For a period, some Ferrero products were even illegal. However, an announcement made this week means that, finally, the Italian chocolatiers could be about to conquer the States.

According to a breaking news report from “People”, Ferrero have announced that they will be bringing their famous Kinder Bueno bar to the American market for the first time ever. A favourite in over 60 countries around the world, Bueno’s feature a thin layer of milk chocolate, drizzled over a crispy wafer stuffed with a creamy hazelnut filling. To top it off, each purchase provides two fingers of chocolate. The perfect combination of taste and texture, it’s small wonder that the snack has been a staple of the Ferrero range around the world.

Speaking as part of a press release to announce the new launch, Guillaume Simon, Vice President Strategic Projects North America at Ferrero, said, “Kinder Bueno is incredibly popular overseas, and we’re excited to bring it stateside this November and grow our existing fan base. With its creamy and crispy texture and hazelnut taste, it is unlike any other chocolate bar in the U.S. Market.” It’s certainly an exciting time to be an American chocolate fan.

The Bueno announcement marks the second time that something from the Kinder range has been released in the United States. Famously, Kinder Eggs – another product popular overseas – had been banned since the 30s due to a law restricting candy stuffed with non-edible objects. This all changed in 2017, thanks to a change in packaging, and the eggs have been a hit ever since – selling an estimated 90 million units.

For those who feel that five months is simply too long to wait for a taste of Kinder Bueno, it is possible to purchase the bars Stateside, provided you’re prepared to pay a premium. Insider report that internet delivery service Amazon stock packs of 30 bars for $33, making it relatively easy to bulk buy. Regardless whether you feel compelled to jump the gun and get online, this week’s announcement is certainly cause for celebration.