Kit-Kat announces its first new permanent flavour for a decade

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Clever confectioners have been mixing mint and chocolate for ages. Almost every famous chocolate brand has at some point put a spin on their original offering by blitzing a mint leaf into the other ingredients – usually with pretty positive results. Others have been less quick to catch on. But, like the impending death of a bunch of your favourite Game of Thrones characters, some things are just inevitable.

Almost epitomising a “better-late-than-never” attitude to the mint chocolate combo, world famous candy makers Kit-Kat have finally decided to muscle in on the action. Announcing their first new permanent addition to the brand’s line up in almost a decade, the brand’s parent company Hershey’s revealed that the new flavour should arrive in stores by December at the latest.

According to the press release that accompanied the announcement, the new bar will be entitled “Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate” and will come complete with “a mint crème on the top and dark chocolate on the bottom, all surrounding light and crispy wafers.” According to Christopher Kinnard, Kit Kat senior brand manager, “Kit Kat is known around the world for its inventive flavors. Our fans in the U.S. have been requesting new Kit Kat flavors and we’re excited to share we are adding to the Kit Kat family with the launch of Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate.” It’s certainly an exciting time to be a Kit Kat fan.

As if anticipation wasn’t already at fever pitch, Kinnaird teased that the new flavour may not be the only upcoming announcement from the beloved brand. At the end of his statement, he added, “But here’s the best part – we are just getting started. Keep your eyes peeled; there is more to come from the Kit Kat brand.” Although he provided precious little information as to what this might be, it certainly sounds as though the next few months will be seriously intriguing.

Though the new flavour combination is a new addition to the American market, Kit Kat are hardly strangers to experimentation. The brand has become famous in countries such as Japan for producing bars based on a range of unusual and occasionally alarming blends, including “Apple Pie”, “Sweet Potato” and “Pumpkin Pudding”. Japan aren’t alone. Last year, the brand released “Millennial Pink Kit Kats” for the UK, as well as unveiling limited edition “Red Velvet Kit Kats” in the US. With Kinnaird’s cryptic announcement that there is more to come, the chances are that we could have yet more whacky flavours before the year is out.

Though the official word is that the new mint chocolate wafer bars won’t be available until December, Kit Kat have also hinted that some lucky customers may be able to get a sneak preview. Although there have been no concrete details, the official press release advised fans to “Stay tuned for additional news on the Kit Kat Duos bar (and how to snag an early taste) in the coming weeks.” Though it sounds like it may well be a lottery, it’s certainly enough to keep enthusiasts on their toes.