Krispy Kreme are giving away a dozen donuts for $1 to celebrate their birthday

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Even the world’s biggest brands love an excuse to do something irresponsible on their birthday. In 2012, Kraft celebrated 75 years of their iconic macaroni and cheese by letting a group of pensioners take over their social media. In 2013, legendary mayo makers Hellman’s marked a century by building the world’s largest picnic table in New York City. Now, it’s time for Krispy Kreme to carry on the tradition. 

To celebrate their seemingly unremarkable 82nd year of existence, the world’s leading donut brand have decided to make fans an offer they can’t refuse. From today until July 21st, customers will be able to purchase a dozen donuts for only one dollar. This works out at around eight cents per donut, making this the most fiscally responsible way to load up on pastry and sugar we’ve come across. 

In actual fact, the generous pricing is something of an annual tradition for Krispy Kreme, at least as far as their original and much-loved glazed donuts are concerned. What makes this year remarkable is that, for the first time ever, the brand are including a version stuffed with “birthday cake batter” as part of the promotion, though why they decided to do this on birthday number 82 remains a mystery. 

In a statement, chief marketing officer David Skena said, “Krispy Kreme fans love to celebrate our birthday. They really make it their own party, which is good with us. We’re continuing our birthday tradition of the $1 dozen deal, which is great. But this year, for the first time ever, we are filling an Original Glazed doughnut with birthday cake batter…and that’s even better.”

As anyone who’s eaten a Krispy Kreme knows all too well, resisting temptation can be all but impossible. Perhaps it’s only fitting, then, that we all now have a semblance of an excuse for stocking up on unhealthy treats. 82 might not seem like a particularly auspicious landmark, but we certainly aren’t complaining.