Krispy Kreme are giving away free donuts today, no strings attached

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

For anyone whose idea of putting a ring on it involves deep fried dough and a sugar glaze, this Friday just got a whole lot more exciting. In celebration of National Donut Day, one of the planet’s more under-appreciated festivals, sweet treat specialists Krispy Kreme have announced plans to give away free donuts this Friday to anyone who pops into a store.


While the plan sounds suspiciously like something that a dessert obsessed child-catcher would come up with, Krispy Kreme are deadly serious. According to the company website, all fans have to do is “Visit one of our participating shops and choose your favorite doughnut. That’s it! No purchase necessary, limited one free doughnut per guest. Tell all your friends and family and bring them with you to join the celebration.”

Krispy Kreme have also stated that their aim is to give away a whopping one million donuts. In order to encourage participation, the company has made it clear that if this target is reached that they plan on orchestrating a second giveaway later in June, because, as they see it, “What’s better than one free doughnut? Two, of course!”


Krispy Kreme aren’t the only donut-based business planning a giveaway. Rival pastry firm Dunkin’ Donuts are also getting in on the act, “giving away a doughnut with any beverage purchase all day,” according to a report in Insider. While it’s not clear whether Dunkin’s targets are as ambitious as their competitors, it certainly gives undecided freebie hunters pause for thought.


According to information on the Krispy Kreme website, the giveaway is taking place in locations across North America, including Canada. While it’s certainly worthwhile checking the website before heading out to your local store, it looks like there’s a high likelihood that you won’t have to travel far for free food. A similar giveaway is also taking place in the UK, where would-be bargain hunters will have to sign up to the brand’s “Friends of Krispy Kreme” newsletter and quote the phrase “I believe the world is shaped like a doughnut” on arrival. It may be slightly more complicated, but there’s no reason why Britain and America together can’t crack the million mark.