Krispy Kreme has created chocolate and peanut Snickers doughnuts

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Chocolate and peanuts already go together like fish and water, but add doughnuts into the mix and you’ll end up with something properly amazing. Unfortunately for everyone who fantasises about sweet and salty stuffed dough, this combination is depressingly difficult to find. It’s about time someone took the chance to score an open goal. 

Thankfully for hungry peanut fans, everyone’s favourite pastry producer has decided to step up to the plate, creating a new doughnut duo that delivers on everything you could want from a nutty chocolate treat. In glorious news, Snickers and Krispy Kreme have come together, collaborating on a project that’s going to blow the rest of the peanut competition out of the water. 

In an announcement on Instagram, the brand revealed two distinct new doughnut designs, set to be available exclusively at 7eleven stores in Australia. As the brand explained in detail in a post accompanying a picture of the desserts:

“Introducing our NEW SNICKERS® Doughnut! An Original Glazed Doughnut dipped in milk choc ganache, topped with roasted peanuts and nougat pieces, drizzled in luscious caramel and finished with a SNICKERS® fun size bar!”

“And our Filled SNICKERS® Inspired Doughnut! It’s our signature doughnut double-dipped in choc with roasted peanuts, nougat pieces, and a caramel and PEANUT BUTTER dual-filling!”

Check out our incredibly indulgent Snickers Hot Chocolate recipe:

Unsurprisingly for treats that combine so many seriously delicious ingredients, the doughnuts have been extremely well received by the public. One early review, shared by Instagrammer @nickvavitiss, said of the Snickers Ring:

“ITS SUPER GOOD there is so much caramel, so many peanuts and a snickers in the middle so it doesn’t only taste like a snickers but a SNICKERS OVERLOAD.”

Here’s hoping that enough Australians get on board to persuade the powers that be at Krispy Kreme HQ that the rest of the world also needs to get a taste of this tasty-sounding new treat.