Krispy Kreme have just unleashed a Nutella stuffed doughnut

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Doughnut giants Krispy Kreme have never been afraid to push the boundaries of pastry. Started in 1933 in the small town of Paducah, Kentucky, the company has gone on to redefine our popular perception of what’s possible with sugar, dough and oil.

From classics like the glazed ring to slightly more outlandish creations like lemon cheesecake and raspberry and coconut, Krispy Kreme have always looked to be at the forefront of doughnut innovation. However, if their most recent press release is anything to go by, their latest invention may just take the sugary biscuit.

Announced via Instagram, startling images have emerged of what looks to be the next step in doughnut evolution. In a match seemingly made in heaven, Krispy Kreme have found a way to stuff their glazed rings with rich, gooey Nutella. Combining the classical comfort of the brand’s signature item with everyone’s favourite chocolate spread is a stroke of genius that predictably has doughnut fans everywhere chomping at the bit.

Originally released through the business’ social media accounts in the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic, the early buzz around the new product has been overwhelmingly positive. Krispy Kreme confidently declared the new doughnut to be “filled with the richest temptation”. While this hyperbole may have more to do with the limited ability of Google translate than the verbose inclinations of the company’s social media manager, initial reviews have been equally glowing. One customer delightedly declared his experience to be the “Happiest moment of the day”.

As the image of the oozing chocolatey ring circulated around the internet, fan excitement continued to grow. One delighted devotee tweeted that the news meant that she could “die happy now”. However, ecstacy quickly turned to anger when it became clear that the new doughnuts were, in fact, initially only available within the Dominican Republic. This revelation prompted several Twitter users to check flight prices as fast as their fingers could carry them, before bemoaning their ill-fortune at living so far from the Caribbean.

Despite the dismaying news that the new treats are only obtainable in a small country in the middle of the ocean, there are plenty of historical precedents to encourage nutella-loving doughnut fans the world over. In 2016, Krispy Kreme released the limited time only “Nutty Cocoa Ring”, which featured Nutella and chopped hazlenuts spread across the top of a ring doughnut. The history and ongoing relationship between these giants of the global snack game means that fans can probably look forward to further collaborations in the future.

However, for the maverick foodie who can’t wait to get their hands on the Nutella/Krispy Kreme crossover but can’t afford a flight to Dominica, there are alternatives available. For instance, UK-based business Doughnut Time have released their own version, which features a Nutella stuffed ring dusted in cinnamon sugar. It may not be the real thing, but it still sounds damn tasty.

While the current lack of global Nutella stuffed Krispy Kremes is understandably disappointing, the excitement that greeted the announcement is sure to have caught the businesses’ attention. Hopefully, if we all continue to kick up a fuss, a worldwide release could soon be in the works.