Krispy Kreme orders student to stop reselling its donuts

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There are many wonderful things about Minnesota. Not only does it have the highest boat-to-people ratio in the United States, but it is also the birthplace of rollerblades, the stapler and Snickers bars. None of these achievements should be taken lightly. However, despite all its successes, there remains a gaping hole in Minnesota’s CV. Namely, the state does not have a single Krispy Kreme donut store. 

Ever since the state’s last pastry emporium closed its doors in 2008, Minnesotans have been deprived of the shiny, sticky circles of sugary bliss that the rest of us have been taking for granted. So dire is the situation, that locals have had to go to great lengths in order to get a taste. In these troubled times, no one has made more of an effort than accountancy student Jayson Gonzalez.

Also known by the imaginative pseudomyn “The Donut Guy”, Gonzalez decided that, in order to make a little bit of extra money during his degree, he would do all he could to deliver Krispy Kreme donuts to hungry Minnesotans. His method was simple, yet effective. Every weekend, he made the 270-mile round trip to Iowa, stacking his Ford Focus with 100 boxes of a dozen donuts. Upon returning home, he would flog his wares for between $17 and $20 a go. It was arguably the tastiest side-hustle the state has ever seen. 

Check out the Krispy Kreme Original Filled Donuts Promo trailer here:

Unfortunately, despite Gonzalez’s burgeoning popularity, the delicious party has been brought to an abrupt conclusion by the powers that be at Krispy Kreme HQ. According to a statement that Gonzalez provided to the Pioneer Press, “…they told one of the big managers in Nebraska directly, and he called me. He said corporate told him to ‘cease’ and ‘desist’”.

Gonzalez has subsequently been forced to relay the message to his devastated Facebook following, writing, “I bear some bad news. Unfortunately the run for this Saturday will not be taking place, as I have been told I have to shut down operations” on the Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota Facebook group.

Understandably, the news did not go down well. Several members expressed their frustration, while one wrote:

“Well just so you know one of the customers has cancer and you brought her amazing joy! She was so happy to get her box and all the memories she had growing up came flooding back. I know to some people it’s just donuts but to her it wasn’t.”

Krispy Kreme has also commented on the situation, providing a statement on Sunday saying:

“We have become aware of Jayson’s situation, which involves one of our well-intended locations, and are looking into this. We appreciate Jayson’s passion for Krispy Kreme and his entrepreneurial spirit as he pursues his education.”

Despite the protestations from Facebook, it looks like this may be the end of the road for The Donut Guy.