Lay’s Fried Pickles With Ranch chips are now on sale

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As foodie combos come, you can’t really beat ranch and pickle. When something packs the snacking prowess of chips and dip with the greasy moreishness of your favourite fast food, it’s basically ticking every taste box there is. Small wonder, then, that the news that Lay’s beloved riff on the bar snack classic is returning to supermarket shelves has sent the internet into full blown meltdown. 

Originally released back in 2018, the limited edition potato chips created a stir thanks to their unique flavour and resemblance to the traditional “deep-fried favorite at Midwest state fairs,” according to the official product description. Despite a brief hiatus, it seems as though public support for the chip was strong enough that Lay’s have been inspired to put the chips back on the menu.

Currently retailing at both Target stores and online, the chips come in single 7.75 oz bags, ideal for snacking. The official write up on the Target website recommends that customers “try packing about 15 Fried Pickle Potato Chips in your next work or school lunch for just the right amount of Midwestern…inspired goodness.” At $3.19 per bag, the chances are you won’t want to share many. 

The pickle and ranch chips aren’t the only odd flavour currently available from Target. The website currently lists other local favourites, including Chicago-inspired “Deep Dish Pizza” potato chips, and wavy bacon-wrapped jalapeno popper chips, all available for a similar price to the deep fried pickle variety. Whether you opt for ranch and pickle over the alternatives is obviously up to you, but discerning chip fans certainly have plenty of options on the table.